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1. How much do tickets cost?
2. What time will the kites be flying and where will they be located?
3. What JCPRD booths will be present?
4. What is the schedule for the children's performers?
5. Is the event dog friendly?
6. Is parking available?
7. Is ADA parking available?
8. Will credit/debit cards be accepted?
9. Is there an area to sit while we eat?
10. Will alcohol be served?
11. I own a food truck and would like to be involved with Park Palooza. Who do I contact?
12. Is there a vendor fee required to participate in this event?
13. What if the weather is "yucky"?
14. I have a 3 children under the age of 12 with the youngest being 3 years old. Will there be something for them to do?
15. Is there a schedule of performers/entertainment?