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TimberRidge Rental Facility Request Form

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  3. Please put N/A if it doesn't apply.

  4. Please provide the year you were born. We must verify you meet the age requirements for our rentals and permits.

  5. Please fill in the date you prefer for your rental.

  6. Facility Renting*

  7. Length of Rental at Welcome Center*

    All rentals need to be cleaned up and done by 10pm.

  8. Length of Rental at Whispering Pine Shelter*

  9. Do you want to add amenities to your rental?

  10. How many people are you expecting to participate per hour?

  11. Amenities Wanting To Book for Event*

  12. All amenities are rented on an hourly basis.

  13. All amenities are rented on an hourly basis

  14. All amenities are rented on an hourly basis

  15. How many boats are you wanting to rent?

  16. What Type of Boats do you want?

  17. Please let us know how many of each type of boat you want in this field. You can mix and match types of boats. Boats must be rented in increments of 5.

  18. How many people do you want to climb?

  19. Are you wanting to schedule a challenge course program?*

  20. Permits for Event*

  21. How did you hear about our rentals? *

  22. Add any additional information, or questions you have here.

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