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Soccer Team Info, Game Scheduling Conflicts, and Practice Time Request

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  2. Soccer Team Information

  3. Gender*

  4. Returning teams please note your jersey color here. If you are a 1st grade team or new team to the league, please put down your top three jersey color choices.

  5. Do you prefer JCPRD to add players to your team? (no guarantee)

  6. Game Scheduling Conflicts

  7. A max of up to two scheduling conflict requests are allowed for pee wee - 4th grade. No conflicts are allowed for 5th - 8th grade teams but a reschedule request is possible if your team has a conflict.

  8. Two scheduling conflict requests mean two specific dates, or a certain time on a specific date or dates where your team will be unable to play. You cannot request to not play on Sundays or a specific time each week.

  9. Any rescheduling request must be requested 10 days prior to the originally scheduled date of the game or the game will not be rescheduled. You will be required to play the game or forfeit.

  10. Please be sure to also list if you are coaching multiple teams and their age group. Also be aware that assistant coaches are expected to coach in the absence of the head coach.

  11. Gender

  12. Practice Field Request (Grades 1 - 8 only)

  13. Please indicate your preferred practice options below. Please note teams are guaranteed one 60-minute practice per week. Teams who would like a second practice can indicate that but may not be possible based on field availability. Coaches will be emailed their practice schedule by the end of February for Spring and the end of July for Fall.

  14. Preferred Location

  15. Time of Day Request

    Please choose your top 2 options.

  16. Would you like a second practice each week if possible?

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