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Campground Reservation Request

  1. Shawnee Mission Park and Big Bull Creek Campground Request Form

    Due to parent leaders rotating we need the group's charter organization in order to set up an account for your group. If you do not have an account with us (you have never stayed with us before), please fill in the information below.

    In order to book the reservation we must tie the leader's information to the account. Please fill in your information so we can confirm an account is active.

    * Charter Organization field: should be where your group meets regularly, such as a school, religious organization, VFW, etc.

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  3. Campground capacity:
    1. Shawnee Mission Park - 25 people per site; parking for 5-8 vehicles.
    2. Big Bull Creek Park - 25 people per site; parking is a shared space for a trailhead. Approx. 15-20 vehicles.

    If you have more than 25 campers you will need to book a second site. 

  4. Shawnee Mission Park Campsites
  5. Big Bull Creek Campsites
  6. General Inquiry
  7. What next?

    Once the form is received we will check your date requests for availability. You will receive an email if those dates are not available. If sites were booked you will receive a campground contract. You will be instructed to pay online or by phone once you receive the contract. This process could take a day to complete depending on the volume of requests, time in the office, or holiday schedules. If you do not receive any contact within two days please email [email protected].

    Once the reservation is booked, failure to pay within 48 hours will result in the reservation being canceled.

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