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The Theatre in the Park Advisory Council Candidate Application

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  2. We appreciate your interest in serving as a member of the Theatre in the Park Advisory Council

    Generally, council members begin their term on January 1 each year. However, applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

    The Theatre in the Park Advisory Council (TAC) endeavors to advise and assist Theatre in the Park (TIP) with fundraising, programming, and promotion of TIP activities. The financial obligation of each council member involves a $500 total donation (which may be in any way that supports TIP). Additional fundraising obligations involve participating in the annual Stars Gala held on New Year’s Eve at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center. Council members also serve as an advocates on behalf of TTIP to JCPRD and to the community at large. The TAC meets monthly, except during the summer months when attendance at outdoor productions is encouraged.

    If you have questions regarding this application, please contact
    Tim Bair, Producing Artistic Director, The Theatre in the Park
    Email: | Phone: (913) 826-3011

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    I have read The Theatre in the Park Advisory Council Charter. I understand the purpose and responsibilities of the council. If selected to serve, I will uphold the purpose and fulfill those responsibilities as a member.

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