How much in funds are available for approved applicants?

If you and your family qualify for the Recreation Scholarship Program your award is $100 for each member in the family.  An annual “family aggregate” amount equal to $100.00 per person per qualifying family may be used toward fee payments for any District class, program, or event subject to the restrictions shown below.  A $5.00 co-payment will apply for each participant in each class, program, or event.  The “start date” for each class, program or event must fall within the approved scholarship year. Unused balances will not be carried forward into a new scholarship year.

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1. How does the scholarship process work?
2. Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?
3. How is scholarship eligibility determined?
4. How much in funds are available for approved applicants?
5. How long is an approved scholarship valid for?
6. What programs are not eligible for scholarship funds?
7. If my family is approved, how do I register my family members for a program?
8. I have a foster child. Are they automatically eligible for a scholarship?