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Gymnastics Classes 

Develop and Enhance your Child’s Motor Skills!

At MCAC, we understand the importance of physical development in children, and our programs are designed to provide your child with the essential foundation for all physical movement best suited to your child’s individual ability.

Experience pride and achievement through the development of gymnastics skills, all while having fun! Skilled and experienced instructors are there to guide your child through each of the skills and levels of development. Every child wants to be the next great Olympian, but first, they need to enhance flexibility, strength, endurance, and kinesthetic senses (coordination and agility)--all of which are developed through our classes!

Classes offered:

Parent & Tot

3 year old

Preschool (4-5 year olds)

Level 1-3 (Girl/Boys)

Tumbling Beginner to Advanced (Girl/Boys)

Discounts on Gymnastics Classes:

Enjoy additional discounts for gymnastics classes only for the following:

  • Signing up for consecutive sessions offered in the current catalog season: 10% off
  • 2 children in classes: 10% off second class
  • 3 or more children: 20% off subsequent classes
  • Same child taking 2 classes per week: 20% off second class

To receive the gymnastics discounts, please call 913-826-2950.

*** Beginning January 1, 2019 Mill Creek Activity Center will offer one FREE Open Playground or Open Gym for any two classes you missed during your session.  You are able to redeem your passes within the session dates of the class you missed.  Passes are available from your instructor or a program coordinator.  Classes missed during the summer session are eligible for the first fall session. 
Open Playground is offered for ages up to 5 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am - 12pm
Open Gym is offered for ages 4 and over on Saturday 1:30pm - 3pm


Gymnastics:  Pre-Team

(Girls - Ages 5 & Older)

This is a program designed for gymnasts that have obtained the prescribed skills and have the desire to become a competitive gymnast. Gymnasts must be skill-tested first, prior to entering this program. For details, call 913-826-2954.

Gymnastics J.O. Team:  Kansas Kips

(Girls - Ages 6 & Older)

The Kansas Kips is the Junior Olympic competitive team program of JCPRD, competing in USA Gymnastics sanctioned meets throughout the state and region. For details, call (913) 826-2954.


Playground: Punch Card Indoor Playground (Ages Up to 5 Years Old with Parent / Legal Guardian)

Join us for a fun-filled playtime with obstacle courses and play gym equipment. Signed waiver required, parent/guardian must be present with their child at all times. It is understood that children may not always attend with parent/guardian but with another family member or friend. In that instance, please fill out the waiver form and have the adult bring it with them for the child to be eligible to participate.

1 hr. session - 10 Visit Punch Card - $45 or Drop-in Fee: $5 per child

Children ages up to 5 years of age with their parent/guardian will have the opportunity, for one hour, to focus their energy while developing strength and agility. Parent/legal guardian will be asked to sign a waiver and be present with their child at all times. Pay a drop in fee of $5 when you arrive or purchase a 10 visit punch card for $45. Offered Mondays 11 a.m. to Noon, Fridays 11 a.m. to Noon.

Gymnastics Birthday Parties

Preschool Party*

Great for children walking through 5 years of age. Enjoy 1 hour of

structured or open play in gymnastics area followed by 30 minutes in the party room. Parents allowed in the gymnastics area with their child if

age 3 or younger. 

School Age*

Ideal for ages 4-10. Enjoy 1 hour of organized play with instructors in

gymnastics area followed by 30 minutes in the party room. Children under 4 and older than 10 are not allowed in the gymnastics area, including parents.

Party Fees*

$155 (10 kids including birthday child)

$10/per additional child with a max of 15 kids.


Party fee is due at time of booking.

Invitations with a map to MCAC and required waiver form will be

provided. Total number of guests and any additional fees are due

the day of the party by check or cash.


*Note:  MCAC is NOT responsible for decorations, refreshments,

or party supplies.


  1. How long are the classes?  Parent/Tot classes are 40 minutes. 3 year old and older are 50 minute classes.
  2. What should my child wear?  Please wear comfortable clothes, such as shorts and a tucked in shirt—leotard optional. Nothing that has snaps, buckles, or zippers. Barefoot is preferred. Required: Please have hair pulled up if long, and no jewelry.
  3. Are parents allowed to observe classes? Parents are always welcome to observe class! There is a designated seating area for viewing.
  4. Am I allowed to leave during class? Check with instructor and let front desk know before leaving.
  5. Do I need to come in to pick up my child?  Yes, for safety reasons, please pick your child up inside.
  6. Are make-ups available?  Make-ups are required to be within the current session.  Please see front desk to set-up. There will be two make-ups allowed for any session over 7 weeks; one make-up is allowed for 6 weeks or less, upon availability.
  7. Is there an Open-Gym time?  Children must be 4 years or older and currently enrolled in a JCPRD gymnastics program.  Siblings or one friend may come with the participant with a signed waiver from parents. Open Gym is offered Saturdays 1:30-3:00PM, $8.00 per child. Not available during summertime.
  8. Are private lessons available?  Please see front desk.

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