Section 2.4.1 - Fishing and Frogging.

Subject  to  the  limits  and  methods  designated  in  subsection  (a)  below,  and  unless  otherwise  posted, Kansas  law  shall  govern  the  taking  of  fish  and  frogs  from  District  Facilities.   For  the  purpose  of interpretation of this Code, the words “fishing” and “frogging” shall be deemed synonymous wherever used.

  • (a) The following methods of fishing within the boundaries of District Facilities shall be prohibited: trotlines,  limb  lines,  bank lines,  throw  lines,  jug  lines, throw  nets,  block  lines, gigging,  seining,  snaring, snagging, and  bowfishing.    Furthermore,  restrictions on  length  and  daily creel  limits  shall  apply  where posted. 
  • (b) Except for special fishing hours that may be authorized by the District Board from time to time, the hours for lawful fishing shall be  the same as the  posted park hours for the location.  Fishing at  any time other than during posted park hours is unlawful.

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1. Section 2.4.1 - Fishing and Frogging.
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