Section 1.1.6 - Disclaimer of Liability
  • (a) This Code shall not be construed nor interpreted as imposing upon Johnson County, the District, or any of their officials, officers, agents, or employees
    • (1)any liability or responsibility for damages to any property; or
    • (2)any liability or responsibility for any personal injury.
  • (b)In addition, neither the District nor any individual duly authorized to enforce this Code, who acts in good  faith  and  without  malice  in  the  performance  ofofficial  duties  shall  assume  orhave  imposed upon  them  any  personal  liability,  and  they  are  hereby  relieved  from  personal  liability  for  damage that  may  occur  to  any  person  or  property  as  a  result  of  any  act  required  by  thisCode  in  the discharge of official duties.

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