5th - 8th Grade Soccer League Rules

The recreational program of the JOCO Soccer League & KC Fusion Soccer Club shall adhere to Kansas State Youth Soccer Association’s bylaws, rules, and policies. JOCO Soccer and KC Fusion must adhere to the “Laws of the Game” as prescribed by the Federation International De Football Association (FIFA, www.FIFA.com) with the following clarifications and modifications:

Recreational Team

The JOCO Soccer / KC Fusion administered league is a recreational program and all teams must adhere to the KSYSA and USSSA definition of a recreational team. As such:

  1. The use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting or any like process to roster players selectively to any team on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited, and the coach may not exclude any previously rostered player;
  2. JOCO Soccer and KC Fusion accepts as participants in the league any and all eligible youths (subject to reasonable terms of registration) and will be responsible for assignment of players to teams;
  3. Each player must play at least one half of each game except for reasons of injury, illness, discipline, or reasonable cause; and
  4. Teams are required to accept player assignments provided there is room on the roster.

Game and Team Format

Game Format

Field Size

Center Circle Radius

Goal Size

Penalty Area

Goal Area

Min # Players

Penalty Kick

Max Roster Size

Periods of Play

Ball Size

9 v 9 for U11/U12

80 x 60

25 ft.

7 x 21

18 yards

6 yards


36 ft.


30 min. halves


11 v 11 for U13/U14

110 x 70

30 ft.

8 x 24

18 yards

6 yards


36 ft.


35 min. halves


The half-time interval shall be 5 minutes. If playing cross-division games, the younger team’s ball size and the older team’s period of play will be used.

Players and substitutes are limited to rostered players only. Rostered players are players listed on the official team roster with the Club Registrar at the time of the game with player identification cards (for 8 v 8 & above) indicating that they are members of those teams.

No team will be permitted to utilize the penalty area for warm-ups on the game fields. Teams should utilize the area outside of the penalty area for any pre-game activities to alleviate additional wear and tear on the fields. The only activity permitted will be one player and one coach warming up the goalie. At no time should more than one player be performing any drills, or practice shooting in the penalty area. All activities prior to the game (first or second half) should be outside of the penalty area.

Guest Players

Teams that are missing rostered players are allowed to add guest players to their team within the following guidelines:

  1. A team can only add enough guest players to increase their total attendance to equal the number of players on their official roster,
  2. The coach must receive prior approval from the coach of the guest players primary team,
  3. The coach must submit a guest player form to the referee,
  4. The guest player must be an existing JOCO Soccer or KC Fusion player in the season in which they guest play,
  5. A player may only guest play a total of four times per season,
  6. U9 and above guest players may only guest play for a team in an older age division,
  7. Teams found to be in violation of these rules will be contacted by a club official and risk forfeiting any games in which violations occurred.

Warming up in the Penalty Area

No team will be permitted to utilize the penalty area for warm-ups on the game fields. Teams should utilize the area outside of the penalty area for any pre-game activities to alleviate additional wear and tear on the fields. The only activity permitted will be one player and one coach warming up the goalie. At no time should more than one player be performing any drills, or practice shooting in the penalty area. All activities prior to the game (first or second half) should be outside of the penalty area

  • Opponents must be at least 10 yards away on all kicks (kick-offs, free kicks, corner kicks)
  • Free Kick Walls - 3 or more attackers in a wall, opponent must be 1 yard from wall
  • Defending Free Kicks in Penalty Area and Goal Kicks - opponents must be outside penalty area, ball is in play when it is kicked and moves, can be played by anyone inside the penalty area

Charging the Goalkeeper

JOCO Soccer and KC Fusion emphasizes the protection of the Goalkeeper while in the penalty Area. Charging the goalkeeper is not allowed while the goalkeeper has control of the ball in the penalty area. For the purposes of youth development and safety, the goalkeeper is in control of the ball when touching the ball with any part of his/her arm or hands. Once the Goalkeeper has rolled or dropped the ball deliberately to play with the feet (he/she cannot pick the ball up again), then the Goalkeeper may be charged as any field player. The Club follows the generally accepted rule in American youth soccer, which is that any charging of the goalkeeper is a violation that shall result in an indirect free kick. Highly dangerous or intentionally violent charges of the goalkeeper may result in the giving of a yellow or red card at the discretion of the referee.

Uniforms and Equipment

All players on JOCO Soccer and KC Fusion teams are required to wear a uniform that clearly identifies the team as a JOCO Soccer or KC Fusion team. Clearly identifies means the Club logo is on their jersey and visible while they are playing.  Players in the JOCO Soccer league must order jerseys through JCPRD. 

Players shall not be allowed to wear any type of jewelry, which includes earrings, watches, bracelets, and necklaces. Players who must wear medically required bracelets or necklaces shall be allowed to play after the device has been securely wrapped and checked by the referee.  No toe cleats on shoes are allowed. Shin guards are required and must be fully covered by socks. A cast or brace may be covered and worn only if, at the discretion of the referee, it is not dangerous and it does not give the player an unfair advantage.  The referee has the final discretion to decide whether any equipment or clothing is safe.

Home Team Responsibilities

The home team shall be responsible for

  • The game ball
  • Switching to their conflict jerseys

Referees and Game Time Deadline for Forfeit

All referees will be USSF certified. Referee’s decision is final.  

If a team cannot field the required minimum number of players by game time, the game will result in a forfeit.  The game will not be rescheduled. If a game is forfeited due to an insufficient number of players, a lack of player cards at halftime, terminated by the referee or field marshal before official time has expired, or any other action that results in the game being officially ended, the game is no longer an official match, and the referees will not be required to officiate.

Termination of a Game by Sportsmanship

If a team is losing by 10 or more goals at halftime, the referee should contact the losing coach at the half and verify whether or not they want to continue playing the game. If they want to continue playing after half time, they will not be asked again to call the game once the second half of play has begun. If the losing coach decides to call the game at half time, the referee will notify the other coach and the game will end.

Player Cards

Player cards, laminated with player pictures firmly attached, are required for all JOCO Soccer and KC Fusion matches. The club will require each team to present their player cards to the referees before a match is played.  Teams without their player cards will be allowed to play one half of the game and must present the cards at half-time. If the team is unable to present them at half-time, the game will be forfeited. If any number of players do not have a player card, those players will not be able to continue playing the game after halftime. If the team is no longer able to field the minimum number of players, then the game is forfeited. If the team can field the minimum number of players with player cards, the game will continue after halftime. Teams missing their player cards should contact the club administrator in sufficient time to have the player cards reprinted.

Dual Rostering

No player registered/rostered on any competitive team will be permitted to compete on a JOCO Soccer or KC Fusion recreational team.

Any player with KC Fusion wishing to be multiple rostered must complete a KSYSA Multiple Roster Request form. This form will designate the player’s “primary” and “secondary” teams and must be signed by the player, his/her parent or legal guardian, and a coach from each involved team.  The player’s primary team and secondary team must be in different age divisions with the primary team being the lower age division.

Paid Coaches

Coaches are not allowed to be paid by the recreational teams they coach.

Sideline Conduct

  1. Up to 2 carded coaches & players will be situated on the team sideline. Parents and spectators will be situated on the opposite sideline,
  2. The coach that arrives to the game first will select the field half his/her team occupies,
  3. Coaches must stay on their half of the field,
  4. Positive coaching from the touchline is permitted and it is recommended that only one coach be instructing players on the field at any given time during the match and that instructions to on field players be as limited as possible.
  5. No one is permitted to coach or cheer along the goal line.
  6. No coaches, players, or fans are allowed between the restraining and touchlines.
  7. Coaches are not permitted on the field during the match, unless there is an injury or other stoppage of play, and the referee has signaled for the coach to enter onto the field.
  8. Parents must remain on the same half of the field as their team’s sideline.
  9. No parents shall coach from the touchline.


Coaches are responsible for their fans. Coaches and parents may be cautioned or ejected for misconduct. Where the Laws state that a referee will penalize a player, those penalties are extended to include coaches, parents, or other persons attending a JOCO Soccer or KC Fusion game. Red cards issued against players, coaches, or fans will result in a one game suspension (the next scheduled game for the player, coach or fan). A suspension means the player/coach/fan cannot be present at the park while the game is taking place.  The Club has the right to further sanction players, coaches, and fans.

Alcohol & Tobacco

No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are permitted at soccer games.

Pets at the Game Fields

Pets are not permitted at the game fields.