Soccer Rescheduling Policy

Coaches must adhere to the following rules when requesting a reschedule.

  • You must contact the appropriate administrator via email at least 10 days prior to the scheduled date of the game.  Any request made less than 10 days from a scheduled game must be played as scheduled or forfeited.
  • The opposing coach must agree to the reschedule.
  • For pee wee and grades 1 - 4 games email Jamie Kempfe.  You will then be given whatever option(s) there might be to reschedule.  If both teams can agree on a new date and time, then a revised schedule will be sent to both teams.
  • For grades 5 - 8 games the Metro United Soccer League will reschedule the games.  Their reschedule policy and procedure can be found here.
  • Coaches should receive a confirmation email from the league administrator after any schedule change has been made.