Birthday Parties


Celebrate your next birthday with some creativity! Whether you are turning four or ninety-nine, we have a one-of-a-kind party just for you!

Art Party

Visual Arts parties are specially designed for you!  You will work with a teaching artist on the project of your choice, but don't stress, we can also provide a few suggestions based on age and time frame of your party.  Price is determined based on time and number of participants.  All ages welcome.  Email to get a personal consultation today!


Do you provide food?

Unless it is a food-related activity, you will be responsible for providing any drinks, meals, snacks, or desserts for your party. There is no kitchen equipment available, however, you are welcome to bring a cooler if needed.

Can I decorate?

We love a festive party! You are welcome to bring your own decorations as long as they do not injure our walls! For an Art Party, however, we do provide art-themed decor which we will hang prior to your arrival.

What about balloons?

Balloons are awesome!

How many people can attend?

We can accommodate up to 20 participants at an Art Party.

If I am having a party for my child, what can the adults do?

Never fear! You are welcome to stay and get messy with us, or feel free to run some errands while we work on our creativity!

How long do we have to set-up?

You will have 30 minutes prior to your party for set-up.

Is it my job to clean up?

We will clean up everything! We only ask that you take all of your belongings with you, including art work, when you leave.

Are adult beverages allowed?

Yes! But there are additional steps to make this happen.  Please submit an email request for this information.