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Learn a new skill, grow your mind, connect with your community. Find programs like gardening, knitting, crafting, laughter workshops and become tech savvy. Don't miss out on our many virtual program opportunities too!

Below are all of our upcoming opportunities.  Click on the highlighted bar code number to register.  Check back often for updates as we gradually resume programs and events.

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David teaching Online Selling at Roeland Park Community Center
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Cooking: Thanksgiving Leftovers Demo and Tasting
Tackle your turkey leftovers! Taste-test a Turkey Tetrazzini and other delectable post-Thanksgiving treats demoed by the talented Misty Town.  
1 - 2 hr. class - $25 / $28 nonresidents

23061             Roeland Park Community Center                   11/16   Wed        11 am


Crafts: Caring Hands Knitting Group
Join this generous group of individuals who knit and crochet hats for charity. Free lessons given to beginners. Knitters unable to attend are also welcomed to knit at home and bring their hats in to be donated The Roeland Park Community Center accepts yarn, knitting needles, and hat donations year-round from those unable to attend meetings; call 913-826-3160 to learn how you can contribute. 
1 - 2 hr. drop-in - FREE            

23062             Roeland Park Community Center              9/6-12/27 Tue 1 pm

Crafts: Hobby Group
Love crafting? Bring whatever project you are working on and get crafty with other members of your community. Meets weekly. Call the Roeland Park Community Center with questions (913) 826-3160.
1 - 2 hr. class - FREE

23063             Roeland Park Community Center                  9/2-12/30     Fri       1 pm

Crafts: Knitting Hats from the Heart
Join this generous group of individuals who knit and crochet hats for charity. Free lessons given to beginners. The Roeland Park Community Center accepts yarn, knitting needles, and hat donations year-round from those unable to attend meetings; call (913) 826-3160 to learn how you can contribute.
1 - 2 hr. class - FREE                

23062             Roeland Park Community Center                   9/6-12/27    Tue     1 pm


Gardening: Winterize Your Garden
Your garden looks amazing and here comes Mr. ugly winter to ruin your view.  Join a K-State Extension Office Master Gardener to learn all the winter tricks to get those beautiful plants back next year!
1 - 1 hr. class - FREE

23079       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse             10/4              Tue        10:30 am

Gardening: Coffee and a Gardener (Virtual)
What is that? How do I grow this? What should I put in my garden? What type of garden do I like? So many questions and no one to ask until now. Join the K-State Extension Office and be free to discuss your gardening questions with a Master Gardener.
1 - 1 hr. class - FREE

23478       Virtual                                                         11/8                 Tue     2 pm


Lunch and Learn: Meet President Eisenhower
Come meet President Eisenhower at Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse. Bill Nicks, first person reenactor, will come dressed as Ike and share historical stories with us. In honor of Eisenhower, we'll enjoy a hearty meal of chicken and dumplings with all the fixings in a socially inviting environment. Registration deadline is Friday, September 23.
1 - 1.5 hr. session - $29 / $31 nonresidents

23555      Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse        10/4        Tue        12 pm

Reading: Meet the Author: Tom Williams
Meet the local author of President You: How a Thoughtful Ordinary Citizen Could Change the Most Complex Government on Earth.  He will discuss the book, his motivation to write it, and have a Q&A session.  The meet and greet will end with a book signing.
1 - 1 hr. class - FREE

23246 Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse 9/20 Tue 2 pm

Reading: Wanderlust Book Club 
Intertwine your love of travel and a good book with a travel-themed book club.  Each month enjoy the selected book from the list and conclude the month at the clubhouse with a group discussion on how it relates to your travel, and how it may inspire your wanderlust.
1- 1 hr. classes - $5 / $6 nonresidents      

Book List:

The Darkest Jungle by Todd Balf

23081   Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse          9/26          Mon        2 pm

The Last Train to Zona Verde by Paul Theroux

23082    Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse          10/18       Tue         2 pm

Bad Karma by Paul Wilson

23084    Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse          11/29       Tue         2 pm

Traveling Light by Lynne Branard

23085     Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse         12/20       Tue         2 pm


Special Interest: AARP Smart Driver Course
Keep driving skills sharp and lower insurance rates at the same time! Completing an AARP Smart Driver Course can mean a discount with some insurance companies.   No tests given and no AARP membership card required.  Reserve your spot at least one week in advance of each class. Space is limited!  
Pay with check at the door made out to AARP.  $20 AARP members / $25 non-AARP members.

23896     Tomahawk Ridge Community Center      9/22     Thu    9 am

23187     Roeland Park Community Center      10/22      Sat         9 am

Special Interest: Be in the Know...Alzheimer's and Dementia
Learn how to recognize common signs of Alzheimer's and dementia; how to approach someone about memory concerns; importance of early detection and benefits of diagnosis. Presentations by Alzheimer's Association.
1 - 1 hr. class - FREE

23265   Understanding Alzheimer's and Dementia    Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse    9/14    Wed    2 pm

23266   Responding to Dementia                                   Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse    10/12   Wed   2 pm

23267   Navigating the Holidays                                     Virtual                                                11/9    Wed   2 pm

23268  Effective Communications                                  Virtual                                                12/7    Wed    2 pm 

Special Interest: The Pollinator Prairie Site: From Pollution to Pollinators
Connie Chapman, Johnson County Extension Master Naturalist will be presenting "The Pollinator Prairie Site: From Pollution to Pollinators. Learn about the history, the partnerships, and the plants and insects of the Pollinator Prairie with the Extension Master Naturalists. The Pollinator Prairie is a demonstration area of native plants located in Olathe, but despite how the garden areas look now it was once the sit of chemical contamination. After several entities came together under EPA guidance, the area was cleaned up and returned to the community.
1 - 1 hr. class - FREE

23727 Matt Ross Community Center 9/22 Thu 1 pm


Technology: One-on-One Computer or Cell Phone Tutoring
Get specific training and questions answered by our patient and knowledgeable instructor. Participant is required to bring personal laptop, tablet, or cell phone to tutoring session. Call (913) 826-3160 to set up your appointment. Please know the Apple ID® or Gmail® address and passwords associated with your account if applicable. Program fee nonrefundable.
1 - 2 hr. class - $60 / $66 nonresidents

Roeland Park Community Center                                        By Appt.


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