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Learn a new skill, grow your mind, connect with your community. Find programs like gardening, knitting, crafting, laughter workshops and become tech savvy. Don't miss out on our many virtual program opportunities too! 

Click on the activity number to register online or call our Registration department at 913-831-3359 or 
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David teaching Online Selling at Roeland Park Community Center
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Crafts: Caring Hands Knitting Group
Join this generous group of individuals who knit and crochet hats for charity. Free lessons given to beginners. Knitters unable to attend are also welcomed to knit at home and bring their hats in to be donated The Roeland Park Community Center accepts yarn, knitting needles, and hat donations year-round from those unable to attend meetings; call 913-826-3160 to learn how you can contribute. 
Ongoing - 2 hr. sessions - FREE            

31929   Roeland Park Community Center     9/19 - 12/26        Tue       1 pm

34043   Roeland Park Community Center         1/2 - 4/30      Tue      1 pm

Crafts: Drop-in Painting Group
Looking for a fun and creative way to express yourself? Look no further than our drop-in paint group! Bring your own materials and let your imagination run wild as you create your own unique works of art. Whether you’re a seasoned painter or just starting out, this group is the perfect place to explore your creativity and connect with other like-minded individuals. 
1 – 2.5 hr. drop-in - $1

34044   Roeland Park Community Center      1/3 - 4/24           Wed    12:30 pm

Crafts: Hobby Group
Love crafting? Bring whatever project you are working on and get crafty with other members of your community. Meets weekly. Call the Roeland Park Community Center with questions (913) 826-3160.
Ongoing - 2 hr. sessions - FREE

31920    Roeland Park Community Center     10/6 - 12/29         Fri          1 pm

34042    Roeland Park Community Center     1/5 - 4/26             Fri            1 pm

Crafts: Silver Hair & Golden Needles Knitting and Crochet Group
Join this new group and socialize while you work on the current project. Yarn donations accepted. Call 913-826-2830 for details.
Ongoing - 2 hr. drop-in sessions - $1 weekly

31998    New Century Fieldhouse           9/7 - 12/28          Thu        3:30 pm

34034    New Century Fieldhouse           1/4 - 4/25            Thu        3:30 pm


Gardening: Gardening with a Master Gardener (Virtual)
What is that?  How do I grow or do this?  What should I put in my garden?  What type of garden do I like?  So many questions and no one to ask until now.  Join the K-State Extension Office on a variety of gardening topics and be free to discuss your gardening questions with a Master Gardener. 
1 - 1 hr. class - FREE

31918   Transitioning into a Native Garden       Virtual        12/5       Tue      2 pm

33709   Coffee & Gardening Q&A: Gardening 101              Virtual        1/9          Tue       2 pm

33710   Pollinator Plants for Shade                   Virtual         2/6        Tue      2 pm

33711   Native Garden Maintenance                 Virtual          3/5       Tue      2 pm

33712   Summer Bulbs                                      Virtual          4/2       Tue      2 pm

Gardening: Pizza Planters (Windowsill Herbs)
Kitchen windowsill herbs bring fresh flavors to anything you cook. Rosemary, basil, thyme, and others grow especially well on a windowsill. Come plant and take home your own herbs to create your windowsill garden. Class is led by Meadowbrook Park Landscape Specialist. Supplies are included.   
1 - 1 hr. class - $45 / $50 nonresident

33714        Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 3/6       Wed       10:30 am


Gardening: Succulent Oasis
Get creative and hands on while designing a planter to spruce up your porch or deck. Class is led by Meadowbrook Park Landscape Specialist. Pot, soil, and flowers included. 
1 - 1 hr. class - $45 / $50 nonresident

33713        Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 2/21      Wed       10:30 am


Special Interest: The 3 B’s to Build a Better Body & Mind
Do you know the ingredients to building a better body and mind? In this one-hour session you will learn about the importance of good nutrition, the benefits of moving your body, and the negative impact of stress on your health. But more importantly, you will learn how to make meaningful and manageable changes to begin to build your better body and mind. Building a better body and mind starts with the 3 B’s: building a better meal, boosting physical activity, and balancing stress. This class is presented by the K-State Research and Extension Office. 
1 - 1 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

31932              Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                12/12   Tue      10 am

Special Interest: AARP Smart Driver Course
Keep driving skills sharp and lower insurance rates at the same time! Completing an AARP Smart Driver Course can mean a discount with some insurance companies. No tests given and no AARP membership card required.  Reserve your spot, space is limited! Pay with check at the door made out to AARP. 
1 - 4hr. session - $20 / $25 non-AARP Members

31971             Roeland Park Community Center                12/2       Sat          9 am

34022             Roeland Park Community Center                  1/6       Sat         9 am

34021             Roeland Park Community Center                  2/3       Sat         9 am  

34017             Roeland Park Community Center                  3/2       Sat         9 am

34018             Roeland Park Community Center                  4/6       Sat         9 am

Special Interest: Aging Mastery Program (AMP)
The 10-session program combines goal setting, daily practices, and peer support to help participants make meaningful changes in their lives. Central to the AMP philosophy is the belief that modest lifestyle changes can produce big results and that people can be empowered to cultivate health and longevity. Each session is led by a trained facilitator who guides participants through activities and discussions. The National Council on Aging provides research content presented by subject matter experts. Time for questions and answers in every session provides further opportunity for participants to gain new insights.
10 - 2 hr. sessions - $32 / $35 nonresident      

34048           Matt Ross Community Center              2/27     Tue      9:30 am


Special Interest: Advance Healthcare Directives
NEW! Learn about the process and documents involved in preparing your future medical care. Discover how to be prepared if you become unable to speak for yourself. Program presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1.5 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34050             Tomahawk Ridge Community Center                 3/22     Fri         1 pm 

Special Interest: Be in the Know...Alzheimer's and Dementia
Learn how to recognize common signs of Alzheimer's and dementia; how to approach someone about memory concerns; importance of early detection and benefits of diagnosis. Presentations by Alzheimer's Association.
1 - 1 hr. class - FREE

31925     Effective Communication Strategies                  Virtual                     12/6      Wed    2pm

33716     Healthy Living for your Brain and Body              Virtual                     1/3       Wed     2 pm

33717     Ending Ageism                                                   Virtual                     2/7       Wed     2 pm

33718     Know the 10 Signs               Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse            3/6    Wed     2 pm

33719     Understanding Alzheimer’s & Dementia               Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse         4/3    Wed     2 pm

Special Interest: Coffee & Critters
NEW! Meet live animals and hear their fascinating stories. Light refreshments will be provided. Program presented by Ernie Miller Nature Center. 
1 - 1 hr. session - $15 / $16 nonresident

33720       Backyard Bird Count       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse         1/23    Tue      2 pm

33721       Be My Owlentine             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse           2/15    Thu     2 pm

33722       Black Footed Ferret         Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse          4/4      Thu     2 pm

Special Interest: Cut the Clutter & Get Organized
American consumers have a fondness for purchasing a great deal of “stuff,” which has led to clutter-filled houses. This lack of organization causes stress for everyone in the household. If this sounds familiar, it is time to take control of the clutter at your house. Program presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1.5 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34031             Roeland Park Community Center       1/24     Wed     10 am 

Special Interest: Developing Healthy Habits
Learn how to create new and sustainable goals, habits, and routines around nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and sleep so you can reach your health goals. Program presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1.5 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34033             Mill Creek Activity Center                 4/22     Mon      1 pm 

Special Interest: Dine & Discover - Opera Houses of the World
Join speaker, Don Dagenais for a 2-day presentation of famous opera houses of the world. Don has traveled extensively over the past 40 years to attend operas throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. These two classes will cover the great opera houses of the world, their history and architecture, their performance history and include many personal anecdotes from Don’s experiences attending performances at these famous theaters. The presenter for this event will be on-site.
2 - 2.5hr. classes - $54 / $59 nonresidents

33905    Roeland Park Community Center           1/18 & 1/25      Thu     5:00 pm 

Special Interest: Early Christian Controversies
NEW! The time immediately after the death of Jesus was filled with controversy. Over the next 325 years, different groups represented a more diverse outlook than is commonly assumed today. Examine the controversies between what became the orthodox viewpoint and the multiple schools of thought called Gnosticism, the revealing find of some Gnostic writings discovered in the Egyptian desert in 1945, and the controversies under the emperor Constantine. 
8 - 1 hr. classes - Free

33900             Virtual                3/11     Mon     10 am

Special Interest: Eating Across the Life Span 
NEW! Each phase of life from infancy to adulthood requires different nutrition and behaviors for good health. Learn about what foods are important to health and how to make better food choices based on what is needed for your age.  Program presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1.5 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34035             Roeland Park Community Center                  3/25     Mon      1 pm 

Special Interest: Keys to Embracing Aging
NEW! Introduces 12 healthy behavior practices that encourage optimal aging throughout the life span. The 12 keys to optimal aging include: positive attitude, eating smart and healthy, physical activity, brain activity, social activity, tuning-in to the times, safety, know your health numbers, stress management, financial affairs, sleep, and taking time for you. A session can be an overview of all 12 keys or focus on one key. Presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1.5 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34224              Mill Creek Activity Center                          2/26     Mon     1 pm

Special Interest: Life After Retirement
Living longer lives means retirees are spending more time in retirement than ever before. While financial considerations for retirement are often at the forefront, other aspects such as relationships, health, and other advance planning recommendations are often not considered. This lesson will introduce four social considerations for retirement and encourage individuals to make a plan for retirement living. Program presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1.5 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34055             New Century Fieldhouse                             2/13     Tue      10 am 


Special Interest: Lunch and Learn - History of Harmonizing 
Come join us for a true holiday treat! The quartet, Swing Shift, will perform holiday favorites and then share some history and stories about quartet music. Enjoy a catered meal before the presentation. This speaker will present on-site. Doors will open at 11:50 am.
1 - 90 min. event - $29 / $32 nonresidents

31820             Roeland Park Community Center            12/21        Thu           Noon

Special Interest: Lunch & Learn - Vibrant India
Experience a taste of Indian culture with a lively performance and presentation by the Indian Association of Kansas City. Enjoy a flavorful Indian lunch before the presentation. Immerse yourself deeper into the culture and join 50 Plus as we journey to India in November of 2024. Sign up date is 4/5/24. The presenters for this event will be on-site. 
1- 1.5 hr. class - $39 / $43 nonresidents

33906    Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse       3/27    Wed    Noon 

Special Interest: Mediterranean Diet
NEW! Interested in eating the Mediterranean way for better health? Learn the basics of eating the Med Way and how you can take simple steps to improve your health today through the foods you prepare and consume. Program presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34056             Tomahawk Ridge Community Center                 1/23     Tue      10 am 


Special Interest: Navigating the Grocery Store
NEW! Don’t let grocery shopping overwhelm you. Learn how to successfully navigate the grocery store, read and decode labels, how to shop healthy and on a budget, and how to stock your pantry to be prepared to cook any meal even when you are short on time. Program presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1.5 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34193             Matt Ross Community Center                4/11     Thu   10 am 


Special Interest: Nutrition Made Simple
NEW! Does healthy eating confuse you? This presentation breaks down myths and provides strategies to help you understand real nutrition so you can start eating healthy today. Learn how to read food labels, identify diet traps, and make small lifelong changes. Program presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1.5 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34057             New Century Fieldhouse                 3/28     Thu      10 am

Special Interest: Open Road Series Cape Girardeau (Virtual)
NEW! Join Joshua Robison, Experience Development Specialist for Visit Cape, to learn about the historical town of Cape Girardeau, Mo. Hear about local attractions, historical monuments and museums, and downtown shopping experiences to help plan your road trip itinerary. 
1 - 1 hr. class - Free

33901             Virtual                3/15     Fri      1 pm 

Special Interest: Osher - The American Revolution 
Most people know little about the American Revolution. Could thirteen disunited colonies defeat Europe's most powerful military? This course examines the lives of farmers who became soldiers, women in many roles, and Indigenous and enslaved people. With new knowledge, participants can explore the question: Who benefitted from the war? Who didn't?

Vincent Clark holds a doctorate in modern European history. His graduate work included a Fulbright Graduate Fellowship at Germany's University of Heidelberg. He was history professor and chair of the history department at Johnson County Community College and has published articles and books in his field.

3- 2 hr. classes $50/ additional $25 membership fee for non-members.  Registration will open the first week of December through KU: 
How to Register - Osher | Jayhawk Global (ku.edu)

            Roeland Park Community Center             4/11        Thu      2pm 

Special Interest: Planetarium – The Apollo Missions
NEW! Join us for an immersive look back at the Apollo Missions that first brought mankind to a world beyond the Earth. We will end our program with a virtual trip to the moon and a look at the landing sites and interesting geologic features of the lunar surface. Will need to step over about 6 inches through a zipper in the planetarium and stay in a chair in the planetarium for 45 min. If accommodations need to be made, please contact us ahead of time. Program presented by Ernie Miller Nature Center.
1 - 1 hr. session - $15 / $16 nonresident

33723             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 2/20      Tue     1 pm

Special Interest: Powerful Foods Fighting Chronic Disease
Our daily food choices can have a profound effect on either preventing or improving chronic disease, like obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, and their associated symptoms. Presentation can be tailored for specific disease upon request. Program presented by K-State Extension. 
1 - 1 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

33724             Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 4/18     Thu        1 pm 

Special Interest: Simple Home Modifications
NEW! Modifications to a home can allow a person to age in place. This presentation will guide you through no to low cost strategies of changes to a home to make independent living easier and safer. Program presented by K-State Extension. 
1 – 1 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34058             New Century Fieldhouse                    4/18     Thu      10 am 

Special Interest: Wits Workout 
You are never too young or old to get started training your brain.  Participants will take part in interactive activities designed to exercise the brain to maintain and enhance cognitive function and memory. A session will consist of a pen and paper activity and an educational topic on memory, brain health, or health and wellness. Program presented by K-State Extension.
4 - 1.5 hr. sessions - $10 / $11 nonresident       

32069          Roeland Park Community Center              11/20     Mon      1 pm

1 - 1.5 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

33727          Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 3/26     Tue        1 pm 

Special Interest: Your Money, Your Goals
NEW! Explore ways to help set goals and solve financial problems.  Learn about building and maintaining credit scores, tracking income and bills, and how to make decisions on repaying or taking on new debts. Program presented by K-State Extension.
1 - 1 hr. class - $5 / $6 nonresident

34059         Matt Ross Community Center                     1/30       Tue         10am 


Technology: Helpful Apps for Older Adults
Unsure what apps are out there? Get help finding apps that can make your life easier, help you save money, and connect with others. Learn to search for apps on your mobile device and find apps that can work for you.
1 - 2 hr. class - $21 / $25 nonresident 

34038             Roeland Park Community Center                  3/19     Tue        10 am 

Technology: One-on-One Computer or Cell Phone Tutoring
Get specific training and questions answered by our patient and knowledgeable instructor. Participant is required to bring personal laptop, tablet, or cell phone to tutoring session. Call (913) 826-3160 to set up your appointment. Please know the Apple ID® or Gmail® address and passwords associated with your account if applicable. Program fee nonrefundable.
1 - 2 hr. class - $62 / $68 nonresident

32115             Roeland Park Community Center         8/1 - 12/29    By Appt

34140             Roeland Park Community Center         1/2 - 4/30     By Appt.

                      New Century Fieldhouse                              By Appt.

Technology: Small Group Smart Phone Workshop
Join our technology instructor in a small group setting to help you learn, work, create, navigate and thrive in today’s digital world! Classes will highlight a special topic for presentation followed by time for practice, questions. Participant is required to bring personal laptop, tablet, or cell phone to session. Call 913-826-3160 to set up your appointment. Please know the Apple ID® or Gmail® address and passwords associated with your account if applicable.
1 - 2 hr. class - $21 / $25 nonresident

34039            iPhone           Roeland Park Community Center                  2/6       Tue      10 am

34133            Android          Roeland Park Community Center                  2/20     Tue       10 am 

34132            iPhone           Roeland Park Community Center                  4/2       Tue        10 am 

34134            Android          Roeland Park Community Center                  4/16     Tue         10 am 


Technology: Social Media 
Tour the main social media outlets, learn how to use them, and what each are used for. Learn about hashtags, memes, and how younger audiences use social media. Find out social media can work for you in your personal and professional life.
1 - 2 hr. class - $21 / $25 nonresident

34040             Roeland Park Community Center                  3/5       Tue        10 am 


JCPRD 50 Plus Department is pleased to bring you additional educational opportunities through KU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute  and the National Council on Aging's -  Aging Mastery Program.  Click on the logos below to learn more and register for courses offered at JCPRD facilities. 

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