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The Theatre In the Park is the largest outdoor community theatre in the country.  The Academy is a new branch of educational theatre presented by TTIP.  During the summer, the Academy is a daytime program for your child to  continue theatrical education in a hands-on way.  During the winter  break, the Academy is a long day rehearsal style full musical, focused  on the refinement of skills for older performers.

The Theatre In The Park Summer Academy hires Teaching Artists from around the nation to bring new and exciting ways of learning to the  area.  Directors, Choreographers, and Music Directors apply from all  over the country and the best of the best are chosen to teach, create, and instruct.  The Winter Academy is created by local Teaching Artists  to continue the tradition of great local theatre by local artists.


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TTIP Winter Academy is a program during school's Winter Break.   Zombie Prom

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TTIP Summer Academy is a summer long program including two KIDS style shows, and one JUNIOR style  show.  The Summer Academy is split into three June and July sessions. TTIP Summer Academy in June is a four week program with two shows happening in rep.  This means you can spend two weeks on one show, and then after you perform it, can begin  the following Monday on another show!  The June session is for  performers from grades 3 to 8.  In July, the Summer Academy moves to one singular show.  This longer  rehearsal process allows for bigger dance numbers, bigger scenic  elements, and an overall bigger production.  The July session is for  performers from grades 5 to 12.  TTIP Summer Academy registration now open!