Birthday Parties at the Nature Center (Ages 5-11)

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Interested in hosting your child’s next birthday party at Ernie Miller? We offer a variety of fun and exciting party themes and packages guaranteed to make your kid’s next party unforgettable and full of adventure! Call to book today (913) 826-2800!

Our Birthday Party Themes

Birthday Safari

Barred Owl perched on tree branchYou choose three live animals for you and your guests to see at this party! Hear a story while you interact with the presenter and the animals. The birthday child may choose one animal from each category listed below:

  • Birds: Screech Owl, Barred Owl, Redtail Hawk, or Kestrel
  • Mammals: Mouse, Ferret, or Rabbit
  • Creepy/Crawlies: Spider, Snake, Turtle, Salamander, Toad, or Hissing Cockroach.

We will need to know the animal choices one week prior to the date of the party.

Enchanted Forest

The Woodlandenchanted forest birthday party presented by Park Naturalist Andrea Joslin Fairy will wave her magic wand and fun will appear with live animals, games, and an interactive story for the birthday child and guests. The animals are pre-selected for this program to go along with the Woodland Fairy’s story. We keep the animals a surprise to the birthday child and guests as an added bonus.
A screech owl, toad, and rabbit will be presented.

Magical Party

bunny named beatriceThe Wacky Wildlife Wizard will use a magical box to astonish your birthday child and guests! To help us with the "magical" surprise we ask that the parents choose animals from each category listed below and keep them a surprise for the children:

  • 1 Large: Rabbit or Screech Owl
  • 2 Small: Snake, Salamander, Toad, Spider, Insect, or Mouse.

Wacky Wizard costume is optional for the Park Naturalist. We will dress in costume unless you tell us otherwise.

Animals need to be a surprise to the birthday child and guests.

Snake Celebration

gopher snakeThrill your guests with a slithery surprise! This party includes three live snakes along with interactive fun and facts about these often misunderstood critters. We never know who will be shedding their skin or which snakes will be out at another program so our staff will choose the snakes best for your fun-filled celebration!.

Snakes will be handled only by Ernie Miller Nature Center staff.

Birthday Party Packages - Current Pricing*

Option 1 (15 Children + Up to 10 Adults)

  • Johnson County Resident Cost: $98
  • Nonresident Cost: $108
  • 2 hour room rental includes 30 minute program
  • Four 6’ tables with chairs

Option 2 (25 Children + Up to 25 Adults)

  • Johnson County Resident Cost: $120
  • Nonresident Cost: $132
  • 2 hour room rental includes 30 minute program
  • Five to six 6’ tables with chairs

*Prices subject to change.

Party Times Available:

Saturdays with start times from 9:30 am - 2 pm (based on availability).

Your 30-minute themed wildlife program will typically start approximately 1/2 hour after the start of your room rental.

Your 2-hour room rental time is the total time that you have access to your party room. Please do not arrive early to set up. Your belongings and guests should be completely out of your room by the end of your room rental time. Please respect your scheduled rental time and understand that there may be an event scheduled in the same room before or after your rental.

Payment due at time of booking. Parties are non-refundable.

Call (913) 826-2800 to book your party today!

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