2018 Race Ambassadors

Team Cecilia

Cecilia is a 14-year-old Overland Park, KS resident in the 7th grade.  She loves hanging out with her friends, jokes, being on the cheerleading squad at her middle school, Justin Timberlake, and Zac Efron.  Cecilia started her racing career at 14 months of age when she crossed the Trolley Run’s finish line.  Coming from an active family, cerebral palsy wasn’t going to stop her from racing with her family.  For years, Cecilia pulled her mom through miles of running. Cecilia’s familyLucy and Cecilia in lake, however raced in triathlons, too.  After Cecilia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler, Debbie, Cecilia’s mom, read about Rick & Dick Hoyt’s story.  Debbie knew then that she and Cecilia would complete a triathlon together some day.

In 2013, JCPRD welcomed Team Cecilia to participate in the Shawnee Mission Triathlon as their first triathlon race.  Mom helped with the swim leg, a family friend helped with the bike leg, and Grandma Wendy helped with the run.  From then on, Cecilia knew triathlon was her sport.

Lucy, Cecilia’s little sister, is 12 years old and in the 6th grade.  She was on the sidelines cheering Cecilia on during her first triathlon finish 5 years ago.  Lucy, then 7 years old, ran up to Cecilia and after a high five, immediately asked her mom when she could be a part of Team Cecilia.  Debbie pointed out to Lucy that she had not done a triathlon herself, and that she was quite a bit smaller than C.  Lucy started training and did her first triathlon the following summer.  She, too, fell in love with the sport.  Lucy continued training and racing.  In the summer of 2015, as Lucy came out of T2 of a kids’ triathlon, she grabbed Cecilia who was on the sidelines in her racing chair.  Cecilia high fived Lucy across the finish line in front of a roaring crowd.  Cecilia told Lucy how proud she was of her, and Lucy said she would race with her big sis forever.

Debbie is a Team Cecilia at JCPRD Women’s Trisingle mom of three (Loren, C’s 8-year-old brother, is the youngest member of Team Cecilia,) a financial planner, and a two-time Ironman.  Her first triathlon was the 2010 JCPRD Women’s Triathlon.  Her passion for the sport was secured with that first race.  As her girls entered the sport, she dreamed of racing with them.  In 2016, JCPRD welcomed Team Cecilia to its Women’s Triathlon in the super sprint distance.  This time, Lucy swam Cecilia in Kill Creek Lake, Debbie biked with C, and together all three ran down the finish chute.  In 2017, since Lucy was finally old enough to participate in the regular distance, they completed the sprint distance of the JCPRD Women’s Triathlon altogether.  They have vowed this race to be an annual tradition for themselves and hope they inspire women and girls of all ages and abilities to try tri.
Team Cecilia’s mission is to promote inclusion of everyone through sport and recreation.  They are honored to be an ambassador of the 2018 Johnson County Park & Recreation District Women’s Triathlon.  

Lisa Euthon

Lisa is from a military family but has called Olathe her home for the past 11 years. She has worked as a teacher in the Olathe Public School system and is now a research analyst for BBG, Incorporated.Lisa Euthon is new to triathlons, havinLisa Euthon, 2018 race ambassadorg completed her first and only triathlon last year at the Johnson County Park & Recreation District Women's Triathlon & Duathlon Here is what she had to say afterwards:

“Thank you to everyone who was a part of making this race happen. I imagine we were all out there for many different reasons and for whatever reason you were out there I want to say thank you. Thank you for being amazing! Thank you to everyone who stayed on the bike course pointing me (the last rider) in the right direction. Thank you to every volunteer who waited to clean up until after the last few of us crossed the finish line. Thank you to everyone who gave high fives and reminded me, “You’ve got this.” I needed you to be patient, cheering until the end, telling me the same encouraging words you shared with those in the lead. You did all these things because you have amazing beautiful hearts. You didn’t need to know I am a cancer survivor. You didn’t need to think about the patience I needed because of what chemo has done to my body. You didn’t even need all the details why I swam, biked, and ran (for my cousin who did not survive cancer). You just did it. Your hearts kept me going and gave me the finish line, a victory and an experience I will never forget. Thank you!”

Lisa Euthon, 2018 race ambassador
“It is my desire that these words, my experience, will calm any fears that you may have about taking on such a challenge. My only goal was to cross the finish line and dedicate my medal to my cousin. I walked away with so much more; beautiful memories, some laughs, new friends, and a spirit of triumph. Please join me this year and let’s cross that finish line!”

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Alli Baldwin

Alli Baldwin is a KC native, and grew up in Liberty, Missouri. Growing up, she swam competitively on club team, and with a nationally ranked swim team. She stopped swimming as a teenager to pursue drumming. After years of not knowing where she fit in as an athlete,All Baldwin after the 2017 JCPRD Women’s Triathlon Alli started running just for exercise. Even though she wasn’t the fastest runner, she found great pleasure in running.
Alli tried other sports like roller derby, boxing, and under water basket weaving, and just couldn’t seem to find her niche. She soon realized that she was the Jack of all trades, but the master of none. So it was time for Alli to find something that could use a variety of talents. The light bulb went off, and Alli started to train. She had no specific regimen, but definitely had the heart. She worked hard and completed her first super sprint triathlon at the Johnson County Park & Recreation District Women's Triathlon & Duathlon, and to her surprise, she placed first overall! Alli had found her sport!

Empowered by completing her first super sprint, she has gotten serious about the sport, and has started training hard. As a woman, there is nothing quite empowering like being part of hundreds of other women completing something so BIGAlli Baldwin in swimming pool! What better way to start than with an all WOMEN triathlon?

“In the past I've felt that I have the heart and dedication but have yet to find a home for my dreams to flourish, but I feel like I've found that. We not only compete with each other but we grow and train together. We lift each other up and push each other further. We are a sport of many sports and together we will accomplish incredible feats and all of that screams one phrase to me: ‘Welcome Home.’”

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Terry Harrison

Why a women’s triathlon? Well, woman have different demands on them. We are wives, mothers, daughters, aunts, nurturers for others, but we often run out of time before we get the chance to take care of ourselves. For many woman, the sporTerry Harrison after 2012 Triathlont of triathlon is scary…there is that swim, then we have to ride the bike (which takes practice) then we run. There are so many things to learn with the bike, the equipment to become familiar with to what to wear and how to transition. For me, it was SO much easier to participate in a women’s only event. I found the women to be so supportive and friendly. Women triathletes come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, experience levels, but we all want to be stronger, better and to achieve dreams and goals that we never imagined.

Terry Harrison grew up in Cleveland, Missouri and still lives there with her husband, Todd. They share their 100 acre farm with their pet pig, chickens, turkeys, 4 dogs and a horse. She is an educator and has taught pre-K to adult learners. She attended college at UMKC where she received a BA and MA and continued her education at the University of Kansas with her Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Policy. She works at Johnson County Community College where she is the Director of the Railroad Operations program and also proudly serves as the company coordinator for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge for JCCC where she enjoys participating in as many KCCC events as possible.

Triathlon…it can change you in so manGroup of ladies after triathlony way! For me, a mother who was going through the painful loss of a child, it healed me and gave me strength I didn’t know I had and led me to the most powerful friendships I could ever have with other women.This year I will be 55 in June. In the triathlon world, I am “age-grouping up” which is cause for excitement because I get to participate in a new age group! Imagine that ….getting excited for being older! So, in honor of my 55th year, I decided to recommit myself in the winter and I am running/biking at least 55 miles a week!!
I have competed in over 75 triathlons across the United States and have found the Johnson County Park & Recreation District Women’s Triathlon & Duathlon is one of the best and friendliest triathlons in the area! Set a goal! Make this YOUR most amazing year!
Join me and some of the most amazing women in sports on Saturday, August 18th, for a day you will never forget!!!!

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