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Whether you love calling out "BINGO!", a good game of Hand and Foot, or strategically planning the perfect play of the hand in Bridge, you are in the right place!  

Find all of our upcoming events and classes to either teach you how to play or improve your game skills listed below. Click on the class code to register online and check back often for updates as we gradually resume programs and events.

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Couple at Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse Bingo
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Session Classes

Cards:  Beginning Bridge 
Get in on the biggest game in town! Learn the basics of bidding, scoring, and the play of the hand. Price includes Audrey Grant’s “Bidding in the 21st Century.”
8 - 2 hr. sessions - $88 / $97 nonresidents

24425     Matt Ross Community Center                3/28          Tue     4 pm

Cards: Bridge Workshops
Become an in-demand partner with these bridge workshops.  Fun and easy classes help you master a new subject each week. Purchase each workshop individually or take them all!  Workshops include hands on instruction and handouts to take home.  
1 - 2 hr. class - $12 / $13 nonresidents

24427      Matt Ross Community Center           Responders/Openers           2/7             Tue      4 pm

24429      Matt Ross Community Center           Opening Leads                       2/21           Tue      4 pm

Cards: Competitive Bidding Strategies
Freshen up your bidding skills. Learn take out doubles and overcalls. Handouts and refreshments provided.  Join the group after class for lunch at Mi Ranchito. 
1 - 3 hr. session - $25 / $28 nonresidents

24439     Matt Ross Community Center                2/20     Mon     9:30 am

Games: BINGO
BINGO!  Delight in food, prizes, fun and 12 games of bingo. Variety of prizes awarded including gift certificates.  Please pre-register at least one week in advance. Payment is required at time of registration. For the enjoyment of all participants, children are not permitted to attend 50 Plus Bingos. Cost of admission covers snacks and staff time to administer the bingo program. No additional charge for bingo. 

1 - 2 hr. session - $5 / $6 nonresidents, must register in advance, no walk-up registrations at this time; cost of admission covers food and staff time to administer the bingo program. No additional charge for bingo.

24298       Tomahawk Ridge Community Center       We’ll Always Have Paris              2/8           Wed       1:30 pm  

24285       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  Love Bites                                     2/22        Wed       1:30 pm

24300       Matt Ross Community Center                    Out of this World                         3/1          Wed       1:30 pm 

24362       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  Classic Car                                    3/23        Thu        1:30 pm

24812       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  Seas the Day                                3/29        Wed       1:30 pm

24301       Matt Ross Community Center                     Brunch                                          4/5          Wed       1:30 pm

24364       Mill Creek Activity Center                             Fry-Day                                         4/14        Fri           1:30 pm

24287       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  Garden Party                               4/26        Wed        1:30 pm


Games: Family Feud™
Make new ‘family’ members and compete against fellow 50 Plus participants in our silly rendition of Family Feud™! Everyone will get a chance to play and laugh. The team with the most points wins!
1 - 2 hr. event - $5 / $6 nonresidents

24366     Matt Ross Community Center                     4/11      Tue         10 am

Games: Intro to Mah Jongg
Learn the basics of this classic tabletop game from an experienced instructor. Each player receives a current Mah Jongg card to take home.

4 - 2 hr. sessions - $49 / $54 nonresidents

24278     Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse              2/13       Mon        10 am

24279     Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse              3/13       Mon        10 am

24280     Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse              4/10       Mon        10 am

24381     Roeland Park City Hall                              4/19       Wed        1 pm

Games: Mardi Gras Mah Jongg Party
“Laissez les bon temps roulez!” Let the good times roll at this Mardi Gras marathon of Mah Jongg! Bring your friends, favorite foursome, or meet new players and enter to win prizes. Players rotate tables and track wins; no bracket play. We’ll keep you energized this Fat Tuesday with coffee, snacks, lunch, and dessert. Please register before 2/16.
1 - 6 hr. event - $16 / $17 nonresidents; cost of admission covers food and staff time to administer the Mardi Gras Mah Jongg Party. No additional charge for mah jongg. 

24516     Mill Creek Activity Center          2/21     Tue     9:30 am

Games: Scattergories® (Virtual) 
Think fast and write faster in this quick-paced game of alliterative words and categories.
1 - 1 hr. class - FREE                

24503     Virtual Program      2/8          Wed         10 am

24368     Virtual Program      3/8         Wed          1 pm

24504     Virtual Program      4/4         Tue           2 pm 

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Card & Game Drop-In Groups

Play with friends and make new ones participating in these fun weekly groups! Suggested fee for all groups is $1 per person. Programs are listed by location abbreviation.   

  1. MRCC
  2. TRCC
  3. MBPC
  4. NCF
  5. RPCC
  6. MCAC

Matt Ross Community Center

8101 Marty Street, Overland Park, KS 66204
Phone: 913-286-2830

Mondays from 1 - 4 PM

Tuesdays from 8:30 - 11 AM 

Progressive Bridge 
Tuesdays from 12 - 4 PM
Thursdays from 12 - 4 PM

Duplicate Bridge (partner required)
Wednesdays from 12 - 4 PM 
Fridays from 12 - 4 PM 

Fridays from 8:30 - 11 AM