Wellness Programs

Your wellness matters!  Staying active and focusing on your health is important to maintaining energy, focus, and independence.  We encourage you to take the first step by trying one of any of our classes for free.  Whether you are looking to improve balance and flexibility, mindfulness, or overall strength we have a class for you!  

Below are all of our fall opportunities.  Click on the highlighted class code number to register. Check back often for updates as we gradually resume programs and events.

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 Exercise:  Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP) 

LOW INTENSITY:  This recreational chair-based exercise class includes range-of-motion exercises suitable for every fitness level and ability. Classes at Sunset Building and Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse are Tai Chi. Try the first class for free! No class; 1/18

1 - 45 min. workout - $3 pay at the door

Asbury                                                 T/Th             8:30

Merriam Community Center                M,W            10 am

Spring Hill Community Center             T,Th             1 pm

Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse (Int)     Mon            1 pm

Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse (Beg)     Mon           2 pm

New Century Fieldhouse                      W,F             10:15 am

Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse            Wed             1 pm

Matt Ross Community Center              Fri                10:45 am

Exercise: Chair Yoga 

LOW INTENSITY: Take yoga off the mat and onto the chair, incorporating breathing with movement while retaining all the benefits of yoga easily from a chair.  Experience standing balance poses using the chair for support as needed. 

7 - 50 min. sessions - $54 / $59 nonresidents

7950              Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                 1/5       Tue  10:30 am

7951              Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  1/7       Thu  10:30 am

6- 50 min. sessions - $47 / $51 nonresidents                    

7952              Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  2/23     Tue  10:30 am

7953              Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  2/25     Thu  10:30 am

7954              Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  4/6       Tue  10:30 am

7955              Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse                  4/8       Thu  10:30 am

Exercise: Tai Chi 

Tai Chi offers a slow and gentle exercise with benefits in endurance, flexibility, and muscle strengthening. All experience levels welcome in this course.

4 - 50 min. sessions - $36 / $40 nonresidents

8106               Roeland Park Community Center                  1/12     Tue          5 pm

8107               Roeland Park Community Center                   2/9       Tue         5 pm

8108               Roeland Park Community Center                   3/9       Tue         5 pm

8109               Roeland Park Community Center                   4/6       Tue         5 pm


Exercise: SilverSneakers/Prime Circuit (Ages 18 & Older) 

LOW INTENSITY: The SilverSneakers Circuit workout offers standing, low-impact choreography alternated with standing upper-body strength work with hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers ball. FREE for SS members, please call for discounted enrollment, 913-826-2950. 

3 - 50 min. sessions - $18 / $19.80 nonresidents  

Mill Creek Activity Center         12/3       Thu       9:30 am


Exercise: SilverSneakers/Prime Classic (Ages 18 & Older) 

LOW INTENSITY: Designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement and improve activities for daily living. A chair is used for seated exercises and standing support and class can be modified depending on fitness levels.  FREE for SS members, please call for discounted enrollment, 913-826-2950. 

3 - 50 min. sessions - $18 / $19.80 nonresidents  

Mill Creek Activity Center         12/1       Tue       9:30 am


Exercise: SilverSneakers/Prime Yoga (Ages 18 & Older) 

LOW INTENSITY: Get ready to move through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses. Chair support is offered so you can perform a variety of seated and standing postures. FREE for SS members, please call for discounted enrollment, 913-826-2950. 

3 - 50 min. sessions - $18 / $19.80 nonresidents  

Mill Creek Activity Center         12/1       Tue       8:30 am

Mill Creek Activity Center         12/3       Thu       8:30 am


Exercise: Walking & Talking

Talk while you walk, walk while you talk! Meet new people, catch up with others, and feel great being active all at the same time! Walk any time between 8 and 10 am at Okun and 9 am and noon at New Century Fieldhouse. No class; 9/7, 11/11 & 12/25.

Ongoing - FREE                                  

 New Century Fieldhouse          1/4-4/30          M-F       9 am - Noon

 Okun Fieldhouse                     1/4-4/30           M-F      8 am – 10   am

Yoga: Hatha (Gentle) Yoga Punch Card (Ages 18 & Older)

MODERATE INTENSITY: Strengthen your body, calm your mind and improve your flexibility and balance. All fitness levels can benefit from this class. Participants are encouraged to bring yoga mats.   New participants are welcome to try one class for free, please call (913) 826-3160 for more information, details and class start time. Five and ten punch cards expire three months after date of sale; 20 punch cards expire four months after date of sale. No class 1/18

5 Punch Card - $43 / $47 nonresidents (valid for 3 months)

10 Punch Card - $86 / $94 nonresidents (valid for 3 months)

20 Punch Card - $172 / $188 nonresidents (valid for 4 months)

Roeland Park Community Center   M,Th      4:30 pm


Yoga: Sunset Yoga (Ages 14 & Older)

LOW INTENSITY: Enjoy the fall breeze while you regulate your metabolism, increase flexibility, and coordination by practicing yoga on the park lawn. Lengthen your muscles while increasing both bone and muscle density. Yoga Participants of all levels are welcome. Participants are required to bring their own yoga mat and other equipment needed. Classes will meet at Shelter 3, located on the east side of the park by The Grove playground, weather permitting.

6 - 50 min. sessions - $47 / $51 nonresidents  

7985               MBPC                         4/7           Wed         6:00 pm

Want to exercise from the comfort of your living room?Click HERE to view our available Virtual Programs!