Facility Rental Information

TimberRidge Adventure Center Rental Information

Welcome Center Rental Includes:

  • Meeting space: Occupancy of 80 people
  • 80 chairs 12 tables – 6 ft long x 30in wide
  • Charcoal grill cooks about 30 hamburgers at a time.  
  • Heating and Air Conditioning 
  • Deck: 6 Café Tables 24 Café Chairs 6 Umbrellas
  • Kitchen: Microwave, Dishwasher, Stove, Refrigerator, Sink, & Cooking utensils – Need to be cleaned if used. 

The meeting room is in the shape of a ½ circle with the diameter section in the middle of the building and the circular portion on the outside of the building. The deck wraps around the circular portion of the meeting room. Rough room measurements are 43 ft diameter and 33 ft from the middle of the diameter to the middle of the circular section. 

Whispering Pine Shelter Rental Includes: 

  • Shelter: Occupancy of 200 people Seats 200 people 20 Picnic tables – Seat 6 people each for total seating of 120 people
  • Charcoal Grill – Cooks about 50 hamburgers at a time. 
  • Table Measurements: 28 5/8” wide, 71 3/8” long, 1 ½” thick (58 5/8” wide if including benches), 29 7/8” tall Bench Measurements: 9 ¼” wide 10 Tables – Seat 8 people each for total seating of 80 people. 
  • Table Measurements: 30” wide; 72” long, 2” thick, 30” tall 
  • 10 Electrical outlets in Shelter area, 5 on each side 
  • Attached Restrooms for 200 people 

Limestone Fireplace in the Shelter Measurements: The fireplace mantle is 61”H x 84”L Total square feet of the shelter is 6059 sq. ft. – this includes the 2 semicircular sections. The rectangular section of the pad without the semicircular sections is 51’x 90’ The shelter is 40’ x 74’. There are 8 posts on each side and they are approx. 113” apart. There are 8 support Pillars on the north and south side of the main shelter and 4 support pillars for each side canopy. They measure 8 ft 9.5” or 101.5” from the ground to the lip on the pole. 

Other Amenities Available: (Must be scheduled in advance) 

  • Archery Range
  • Boating - Canoes, Kayaks,  and/or Pedal Boats available
  • BB Gun Range
  • Climbing Tower

Terms of Rental Agreements:

  1. The contract needs to be signed and returned to our office with the non-refundable reservation deposit within 7 days of the date on the contract or your reservation and contract is considered null and void. 
  2. Amplified Music requires a sound permit to be approved, and Amplified Live Music is only allowed at TimberRidge Adventure Center with a full Wedding Package Rental 
  3. Alcoholic beverages, beer 5.0, wine and champagne only, are allowed within limited distance of the building and shelter. Alcohol permit request with proper documentation is required prior to reservation before an Alcohol Permit may be approved. 
  4. I have received, read, and understand the TimberRidge Cancellation Policy. 
  5. The challenge course is off limits to your group, except for access to the climbing tower if your group has it rented. 
  6. Littering on park property is prohibited. Please make sure all trash is picked up including ALL balloon pieces. They are hazardous to the wildlife on site. 
  7. No staples, tape, or pins allowed in picnic tables, shelter structure, or welcome center deck. 
  8. No open flames allowed in the Welcome Center. 
  9. Throwing birdseed in the building is prohibited. 
  10. Decorations on the walls or ceilings are prohibited. 
  11. All fires must be extinguished before leaving area. 
  12. Catch and release fishing only. Must possess a KS state fishing license if between the ages of 16 & 75 years old. 
  13. Please share with your participants our advice to bring sunscreen and bug spray to protect against sun exposure and insect bites and be aware poison ivy may be present on the grounds. 
  14. Our rental fees include a site tour prior to renting the facility and then one additional tour for planning purposes. Please note that any additional tour times, outside of staff’s scheduled work hours at TimberRidge, will be subject to a $50.00 additional fee per occurrence. 
  15. Customer is required to pick up all signs posted along the route to the rental facility. Any signs left that require our staff to pick them up will have staff time deducted from your damage deposit. 
  16. When planning for your event, please remember your rental time includes set up and clean up. An additional fee will apply for early arrivals or late departures. Also, any items you may be renting for your event must be dropped off and picked up during your rental time. Facilities will not be available outside of the times stated on your contract. 
  17. No grilling or smoking on the Welcome Center Deck.
  1. TimberRidge Adventure Center

    Physical Address
    12300 S Homestead Lane
    Olathe, KS 66061


    Public use by reservation or registration only.

    Please contact us for more details. 

  2. Andrea Joslin

    Outdoor Education Director

Interested in Sponsoring us? 

Contact Rhonda Pollard for a variety of ways you could support and/or sponsor programs at TimberRidge Adventure Center.