Special Use Permits

An application is required if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Are you planning a race, walk, charity event, meet-up, or any other event outside of a normal shelter rental?
  • Is your estimated attendance greater than 50 people?
  • Will your event be held in a JCPRD-managed park or facility?
  • Do you plan to bring vendors, food trucks, games, or anything to your event?

Step 1: Read through the JCPRD Permit Policy & Regulations Section below.

Step 2: Fill out the Special Use Permit APPLICATION.

Step 3: Wait for JCPRD to approve your date, time, and location.

Step 4: Pay the application fee

step 5: Submit the certificate of insurance, finalize all details with JCPRD staff, and wait for the permit to be issued.

JCPRD Permit Policy & Regulations:

To avoid disputes over use of park areas, roadways, or facilities not normally reserved, individuals or groups requesting special use or reservation of any of these areas may submit an application for use within the following guidelines for consideration by the Superintendent of Parks and Golf Courses and, when necessary, Johnson County Park & Recreation District Board of Commissioners. In addition, any request for reserved use of a park area or facility involving fifty (50) or more individuals, which could impact the public’s enjoyment of that park area or facility, other than those requests made specifically for use of a shelter, will require a Special Use Permit. From this point on Johnson County Park & Recreation District will be called simply JCPRD.

Permit Approval Process: (please read through Permit Policy & Regulations and acknowledge by checking the box on the application link below). All requests must be submitted in writing no later than 60 days prior to the date requested. 

Any applications received that do not provide a workable timeframe for review and processing will not be considered. JCPRD staff will review the completed application and determine whether a planning meeting needs to be set with the event contact. A confirmation email will be provided once your application has been reviewed.

  • Application: Complete all sections of the application, sign and date the application and check the Permit Policy & Regulations box. The application will be emailed to a PGC Representative once the submit button is clicked. Submittal of an application does not grant you a permit or approval to conduct your event. Please include a map of the location being requested and pertinent details we would need to know in order to process the application.
  • 2023 Special Use Fee: The resident fee is $75 and the nonresident fee is $100. This fee is required to hold the date and venue. Dates will not be held without payment. Options for payment include Mastercard, Visa, or Discover paid by phone or a check made out to JCPRD and mailed to 7900 Renner Road, Shawnee Mission, KS 66219, Attn: PGC Department. Deposit is non-refundable.

Policy and Regulations

  • Insurance: A Certificate of Insurance will be required before a permit will be issued. The Event Organization or organizer shall obtain and continuously maintain comprehensive general liability coverage covering the sponsor and JCPRD from liability that may arise from the special event or from any activities or actions pursuant to the special event. Said policy shall be issued by a company duly authorized to do business in the State of Kansas and, if mutual, shall be non-assessable. Said policy shall provide for a liability limit of not less than $1,000,000 per accident or occurrence with an aggregate limit of not less than $2,000,000. The form of the policy shall be acceptable to JCPRD and the sponsor shall provide JCPRD with a copy of the proposed policy for review as soon as possible. The sponsor shall provide JCPRD with a certificate evidencing the issuance of such policy not later than 45 days prior to the event. Failure to provide such insurance coverage shall be grounds for the immediate termination of event approval by JCPRD. Johnson County Park & Recreation District shall be named as a "Certificate Holder," as well as an additionally insured party for the event(s), which shall be noted in the "Description" portion of the Certificate of Insurance. Requirements are listed on www.jcprd.com or can be requested by emailing [email protected]. Permit holder will be responsible for damages or loss that may occur to facilities. JCPRD will determine if damages or loss occurred and the cost involved.
  • No permits for bicycle races will be considered on JCPRD trails or roadways without JCPRD Board approval for a full or partial park closing or as it relates to JCPRD-sponsored activities.
  • Upon approval of your application request the special use permit fee will be required within 15 days of approval to hold your requested date for your event. This fee covers your first 50 participants. After your event, there will be an additional follow-up fee of $2 per participant for groups having 50 or more involved in such activities as 5K’s, half marathons, etc. There will be a $50 processing fee for any date changes or cancellations. No refunds will be given of any prepaid fees if event is canceled 45 days or less of the scheduled event date.
  • Some requests may require additional approval/permits which could require additional fees. These facilities would include shelter reservations, Theatre in the Park or Pavilion, and any JCPRD Beach or Marina.
  • A permit will be issued or denied based on an appraisal of the information provided and the impact to the facility, park area, and adjacent property owners.
  • JCPRD events and JCPRD co-sponsored events have priority over all outside groups.
  • The Special Use Permit grants the organization the right to hold an event in a specific area of the park. However, the general public cannot be prohibited from use of the park itself.
  • The JCPRD Board will not approve more than a total of one “special event” per park, per day. Priority will be given to events held on weekdays and events that will be completed by 10 am on either weekdays or weekends.
  • JCPRD’s most current Code of Regulations shall be observed and can be found on the JCPRD website at the link below. https://www.jcprd.com/DocumentCenter/View/410/Code-of-Regulations-PDF?bidId
    • No alcoholic beverages or liquor allowed within the boundaries of any District Facility - Section 2.1.6
    • Firearms and Weapons - Section 2.1.7
    • Amplified Sound - Section 2.2.8
    • Signage for Events - Section 2.3.1
    • Solicitations - Section 2.3.2
    • Demonstrations, Exhibitions and Special Events - Section 2.3.3
  • JCPRD has the right to refuse or cancel the Special Use Permit if false information is given and/or for non-compliance with the Code of Regulations, or the Permit Policy & Regulations. All prepaid fees will be retained by JCPRD.
  • Costs incurred promoting and marketing events prior to the issuance of an approved Special Use Permit are at the sole expense and risk of the Organization and/or Event Contact.
    • Event Organizer shall not use the JCPRD logo or any JCPRD marketing resources without prior approval from the Superintendent of Parks & Golf Courses.
  • JCPRD has the right to request written assurance of medical staffing if required.
  • JCPRD reserves the right to determine what amenities, extras, and optional requests may be needed for your event.
  • JCPRD reserves the right to cancel any Special Use Permit activity/event due to severe or potentially dangerous weather conditions if JCPRD feels it would be unsafe for patrons to attend or participate. Any prepaid fees will be refunded or applied to an approved alternate date. An alternate date must be chosen within 30 days.
  • JCPRD is not responsible for inclement weather. Event organizer understands that use of the park and trails are open-air and subject to natural elements. No refunds will be given for events canceled by the organizer due to weather.
  • If event requires participants to cross a roadway, JCPRD recommends organization provide volunteers to assist participants in crossing safely.
  • Please advise any catering or amusement vendors that vehicles are prohibited on any grassy area or sidewalk. Due to the distance between some shelters and the parking lots, we suggest they provide a cart or similar aid to transport any items from their vehicle to the setup site. To avoid any misunderstanding, you may want to forward a copy of this permit to your catering or amusement representative.
    • Catering: any grills used will require the use of drip pans and should be kept in the parking lot.
    • Amusements: a generator is required for electricity of any moonwalk or amusement. Do not use electricity provided at the shelters.
  • Maximum Capacity: When reserving a shelter please consider your estimated number of participants. (Parking is required for everyone attending your event including volunteers and staff.)
  • Those requiring signage will be charged according to fees listed above. Signs are required to alert other patrons in advance of an activity in an area of a park or at a facility that is typically used by the general public. There will be a reprinting fee, for any date change, for signage already printed, when applicable. The full signage fee will be retained in case of an event cancellation when signs have already been printed.

The above guidelines apply to all requests, other than JCPRD-sponsored events. Unusual requests, as determined by JCPRD staff review, may be forwarded to the JCPRD Board for consideration.

Amenities & Extras for Special Use Permits Resident Nonresident Contact Phone Number
Amplified Sound Permit:

- “Amplified Sound” involves the use of any amplification equipment such as is used by a disc jockey.
- “Acoustic” music (which requires no amplification) is allowed in all JCPRD parks.
- “Amplified Live Music” (any musical group requiring amplification) is restricted to The Theatre in the Park, TimberRidge Adventure Center, and Mildale Farm. The request for a rental contract must be made directly with those facilities.

Permit issued with your shelter rental or Special Use Event permit.
$0 $0 913-831-3359
Amusement Permit:

Issued, or noted on a shelter reservation form, for any type of amusement brought into the park, such as inflatables, i.e. moonwalks, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, balloon toss games (biodegradable balloons only), piñatas, etc. Note: Egg toss and dunk tanks are not allowed on JCPRD properties. 
$0 $0 913-831-3359

Catering Permit:

Issued with your shelter rental for catering you would be providing.
$0 $0 913-831-3359
Hot Air Ballooning (Launching and Tethering):

Sites for tethering or launching hot air balloons in JCPRD parks shall be approved by the Superintendent of Parks & Golf Courses on an individual request basis. (NOTE: Launches from Heritage Park requires prior approval from the Johnson County Executive Airport.)
$15 $20 913-826-3438
Commercial Use (Photos / Video):

Required for photos or video in a JCPRD park or facility that are being used for anything other than for personal or educational use including, but not limited to, organizational training films, music videos, photos/video for websites, calendars (other than personal), etc. A permit must be acquired to ensure proper fees have been paid.
$60 per hour

$300 for 5 plus hours
$80 per hour

$400 for 5 plus hours