Special Use Permits

Permit Type Resident Nonresident Contact Phone Number
Amplified Sound Permit:

- “Amplified Sound” involves the use of any amplification equipment such as is used by a disc jockey.
- “Acoustic” music (which requires no amplification) is allowed in all JCPRD parks.
- “Amplified Live Music” (any musical group requiring amplification) is restricted to The Theatre in the Park, TimberRidge Adventure Center, and Mildale Farm. The request for a rental contract must be made directly with those facilities.

Permit issued with your shelter rental or Special Use Event permit.
$0 $0 913-831-3359
Amusement Permit:

Issued, or noted on a shelter reservation form, for any type of amusement brought into the park, such as inflatables, i.e. moonwalks, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, balloon toss games (biodegradable balloons only), piñatas, etc. Note: Egg toss and dunk tanks are not allowed on JCPRD properties. 
$0 $0 913-831-3359

Catering Permit:

Issued with your shelter rental for catering you would be providing.
$0 $0 913-831-3359
Hot Air Ballooning (Launching and Tethering):

Sites for tethering or launching hot air balloons in JCPRD parks shall be approved by the Superintendent of Parks & Golf Courses on an individual request basis. (NOTE: Launches from Heritage Park requires prior approval from the Johnson County Executive Airport.)
$15 $20 913-826-3438
Commercial Use (Photos / Video):

Required for photos or video in a JCPRD park or facility that are being used for anything other than for personal or educational use including, but not limited to, organizational training films, music videos, photos/video for websites, calendars (other than personal), etc. A permit must be acquired to ensure proper fees have been paid.
$60 per hour

$300 for 5 plus hours
$80 per hour

$400 for 5 plus hours
Model Rocket Launch Permit: (Shawnee Mission Park only)

Individual (913) 438-7275
An “Individual” launch permit is issued in person or by phone and is good through December 31 of the year it is issued. May be obtained in person or by phone.

Groups (913) 826-3438
Issued to a group of 10 or more, such as Boy/Girl Scouts, church groups, and schools interested in bringing a “group” of 10 or more people into the park to discharge model rockets on a specific date. May be obtained in person or by phone.






Helen S. Cuddy Rose Garden at Antioch Park
Special Use (three-hour minimum)

Available Time Frames:
* 8 to 11 a.m.
* Noon to 3 p.m.
* 4 to 7 p.m.

Off-season prices (Oct. 16 - April 14) are 50% off the in-season fee.

Fees are nonrefundable.
$170 $240 913-831-3359
Special Use Permit Application Fee: covers the first 50 participants. Additional Costs could be applied, see Follow-up Fee and Special Event Additionals Costs below.
For Special Use Application contact [email protected].

Follow-up Event Fee for large events over 50 participants, a fee of $2 per person will be collected after your event.

$2 per person

$ per person
Photography Permit:

A permit is NOT required for Photographers taking senior class pictures, family photos, wedding photos/videos, or photography/video for educational or personal use.
$0 $0 NA
Weddings: all parks (except Antioch Park Rose Garden)
*Fee waived with shelter rental
$50* $75* 913-826-3438

Special Event Additional Costs - Contact 913-826-3438

Item Resident Nonresident
Trash Barrels: provided by JCPRD for special events associated with the Special Use Permit $10 per barrel $10
Special Mowing for Cross Country Event - per hour (one hour minimum) $40 per hour $40 per hour
Vendor Fee: includes Food Trucks or other vendors who would be selling merchandise at a permitted Special Event $50 per vendor, per day $50 per vendor, per day
Barricades - per barricade; minimum 2 for each roadway. Provided only for permitted special events $10 per barricade $10
Electrical Outlet - per half day (The Theater in the Park only) $25 $25