Signature Exhibition

Becoming Johnson county collage of two maps

Explore the museum’s signature exhibition to gain a deeper understanding of the county’s history and growth. Through the core themes of land, policy, and regionalism, discover how Johnson County residents have worked together over the course of 200 years, changing from Native American lands to today’s diverse, suburban communities. 

A centerpiece of the exhibit is The 1950s All-Electric House -- exemplifying the American Dream many hoped to find in Johnson County. Explore the stories of visionary leaders and ordinary citizens who faced challenges and triumphs to build award-winning communities.

The exhibition encompasses 12,500 square feet, including the 1950s All-Electric House, a historic house moved inside the museum gallery. The process to move the home is fascinating in itself. Watch its journey!

Preliminary design of the exhibition was developed in collaboration with Eisterhold & Associates. McCullough Creative completed the final design, fabrication, and installation. Opened in June 2017, major funding for this 12,500 square foot exhibition was provided by the Regnier Family Foundation, Parks and Recreation Foundation of Johnson County, and over 30 businesses and individual donors. We thank all our sponsors for their generous support!