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November 7, 2020 - January 23, 2021

Johnson County Museum’s newest temporary exhibit  highlights the museum’s historic quilt collection and the stories of families who made them. Combined, these quilts patch together a unique history of our community.

At their most basic, quilts are just thread and fabric combined to provide warmth. When viewed as historical artifacts, however, quilts are more complex. They convey history, emotion, and friendship.

They represent important events, relationships, and whole eras in history. They are prized possessions passed down to descendants and gifted to close friends. They are colorful time capsules that communicate much about their makers, the time in which they were created, and the purposes the object served. 

Every quilt has a story. So does every family.

Much like fabric pieced together to create a quilt, each quilt featured here brings us part of a unique community history, piece by piece. 


Rising to the Challenge: Suburban Strength in Difficult Times

The COVID-19 pandemic is a historic event unlike anything most Johnson Countians have experienced. Although the time of COVID-19 seems unique, Johnson Countians have faced other periods of great difficulty. Armed conflicts like the Civil War, World Wars, and Vietnam. Natural disasters such as the 1951 flood, tornadoes, and droughts. Economic downturns from the Great Depression to the 2008 recession. And yes, periods of widespread disease like the “Great Influenza” of 1918. What unites these challenging times is Johnson Countians’ ability to persevere. Rising to the Challenge: Suburban Stength in Difficult Times highlights how Johnson Countians have responded to challenging times in the past. We hope this unique temporary exhibit serves as a source of inspiration, guidance, and strength as Johnson Countians again seek to rise to the challenge.