Adult Volleyball

Summer II 2021 League Season


League Options

  • Okun, NCF and Roeland Park Sports Dome provide an 8-game season. The cost is $220 per team.
Day of Play
Start Date
Okun Monday Aug. 2 Women's Power 13779
Okun Wednesday Aug. 4 Women's Intermediate 13780
New Century Thursday Aug. 5 Women's Power 13783
Roeland Park Sports Dome Monday Aug. 2 Coed Intermediate 14044
Roeland Park Sports Dome Tuesday Aug. 3 Women's Power 14048
Roeland Park Sports Dome Wednesday Aug. 4 Women's Intermediate 14049
Roeland Park Sports Dome Thursday Aug. 5 Coed Intermediate 14045

Additional Resources

Sportsmanship Committee

  • The sportsmahship committee consists of various facility managers, sports league coordinators, and supervisor of officials within JCPRD.
  • The sportsmanship committee works together when necessary to review any issues with behavior and codes of conduct during any JCPRD related event.
  • The sportsmanship committee as a whole will decide on any disciplinary action as needed on a case by case basis.

JCPRD offers adult volleyball leagues and tournaments at Okun Fieldhouse, Roeland Park Sports Dome, and New Century Fieldhouse. Leagues are offered during the spring, summer, fall and winter.