Classes & Activities

Be Something More

As the home to the JCPRD Fine and Performing Arts Department, the Johnson County Museum, and Theatre in the Park, many programs and classes are offered for performers and the beginner and advanced artist as well! Pottery, mixed media, dance, costume design, playwrighting, improv...this is the place you'll find it all!

We hope you will join us and celebrate the diversity and rich history of the world and our community. Participants will walk away with a new insight of Johnson County's place within the global community. Programs are offered for preschool through adult ages with a wide selection of approach including weekly programs, single workshops, and lecture series offered throughout the year.

As a destination for celebrating the arts, culture, and our history in Johnson County, we're dedicated to offering a vast array of creative and cultural arts programming.

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For inquiries about fine arts and makerspace programming email Fine Arts Coordinator, Ryan Bell.

For all inquires about performing arts programming email Performing Arts Coordinator Lacey Connell.

For all inquiries about Theatre in the Park Mainstage Courses email TIP Administrative Assistant.