Camp Testimonials

  • "Thanks very much to you and your staff. Brian really enjoyed camp this week." - Jill
  • "Your people are great, the website is beautiful and my kids love the teachers." - Bruce
  • "Thank you so much for going above and beyond to get the kids learning. Parents are crazy if they think they'll find a better program for their kids." - B.J.
  • “You are all doing amazing work! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these children…”
  • "The center is great! I feel totally comfortable leaving my daughter here every day." - Lisa
  • "My children really enjoyed their time at summer camp this year. They both loved swimming and exploring the city through the field trips they took."
  • "The camp leaders were all wonderful, so friendly and really played with the kids." - Kerry, A 2012 Summer Camp Mom
  • "My kids had an incredible summer at camp - one of the best they've ever had."