Men's Club Weekend Events

Men's Club Twelve Weekend Events!

Our Heritage Park Golf Course Men’s Club schedules 12 weekend events through the golf season. We offer a variety of formats including individual and team competitions. Two major events are the Club Championship and Match-Play Championship. To be eligible, you must be a Patron or Annual Member of the course.

Example: 2017 Heritage Park Men’s Club Events*

*All 2017 event dates and times are To Be Determined

  • March 25th 9 a.m. - Men's Club Meeting Followed by "the Special Game"
  • April 8th  - Heritage Masters “Amen Corner” Tournament
    2-Man Scramble Pick a Pro for Amen Corner at Augusta
  • April 22nd - Team Match Play (32 Teams)
    Two match guarantee - Loss bracket reboot
    100% HDCP - Play off the low man
  • Heritage Park HDCP Match Play Championship
    (or play by TBD)
    Single Elimination HDCP - 32 players
    2nd round by TBA, 3rd round by TBA, 4th round by TBA, Finals by Labor Day
  • May 6th - Beat the Pro - Game on!
  • May 20th - Heritage Park Red vs. Blue Captain - LowBall/Low Total - (Team)
    16 players round 1 may, Round 2 June, Round 3, Finals in August
  • June 17th - Heritage Quota Tournament - (Individual)
  • July 1st  -  Red White & Blue (Individual)
  • July 15th and 16th - Heritage Park Club Championship
  • Aug 5th - The "WZ"
  • August 19th - 6-6-3-3
  • September 9th - MAD 18 - (18 players per group maximum)
  • September 24th - TKO - (Teams)
    Tom Kret Memorial Open Event

For details, contact Men's Club President Ward Zerger by email, or Rob Wilkin, PGA Professional, at 913-829-4653, ext. 33.

All events are $21 entry per player except Club Championship of $30 per player. Hole in One club in effect for these events only.