Meadowbrook Activity Center

Addition of Meadowbrook Activity Center Building

In early 2016 SFS Architecture was engaged to study the feasibility of the re-utilization of the existing Meadowbrook Country Club facility for JCRPD program use. At that time it was determined that the current plan configuration and condition of the building did not lend to a practical refurbishment of the existing structure. Therefore, the planning of the new $3.8 million Activity Building facility began.

The new building has been sited at the location of the existing clubhouse that was demolished in late 2016. Existing retaining walls are intended to be carried forward as a relic of the existing structure and providing inspiration for the architectural concept of the new building to serve as a “Threshold” to the Park.

Parking & Landscape

An axial approach to the building is proposed from the main parking lot, circulating patrons adjacent to the building entrance, crossing the threshold to the grand stair and into the entrance to the park. This axis focuses views from the perching point of the Grand Stair, over the Great Lawn and to the Park beyond.

The existing parking lot has been proposed to be refurbished, with an add-alternate to extend the parking lot to the East, adding approximately 30 vehicles. The entrance drive is planned to be graded to support accessible routes to the building and park beyond. The surrounding grounds of the building will be landscaped to compliment both the uses within the building and the park activities. Existing infrastructure will be utilized where practical however new utilities are planned to be routed to the building.

Building Use

The building has been planned to serve as an anchor for activities within the park. The program includes a large rentable banquet room to house events of up to 200 people. A multi-purpose room is also planned for smaller gatherings, JCPRD programs and exercise classes. A small warming kitchen and administrative spaces will be centrally located within the building to support events and park programs. Rounding out the community amenities for the building is the Early Childhood Development Center. This program will be operated by JCPRD staff, focusing on nature based learning for pre-kindergarten children.

Public Engagement

Public engagement has been an integral part of the planning of Meadowbrook Park and the associated Activity Building. A Citizen Input meeting was held at the Prairie Village Community Center in late October 2016. The meeting was structured in an open house format, welcoming input and feedback from surrounding neighbors and interested citizens at large. Over four hundred invitations were distributed and nearly 50 citizens were in attendance. Many positive comments were received regarding what was on display. Excitement for the development and an eagerness to utilize the new park and building was expressed.