JCPRD Administration

For the past 60 years the Johnson County Park and Recreation District has been enhancing the lives of the citizens of Johnson County through its parks, quality of programs, professionalism and response to developing trends.

Diversity and Inclusion

Johnson County Park and Recreation District believes that all people deserve equitable access to parks, facilities, programs and services. JCPRD acknowledges that historic, systemic, institutional and physical barriers create disparities that limit opportunities for participation and leading healthy fulfilling lives. JCPRD strives to make this commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice evident in all aspects of its work and organization. By committing to these values and vision, JCPRD can become an organization that fully welcomes and celebrates all that live, work and play here.

Person at the podium presenting to the Park and Recreation Board

The District's contributions to the personal lives of Johnson County's citizens have earned the District local appreciation and national acclaim.

Each year, the District records more than 7 million park visitors and over 2 million recreation participants in over 4,000 programs.

Our Philosophy

We will offer the best recreation experience by providing quality parks, programs and instruction, always listening to our patrons, and by responding in a professional, timely, and knowledgeable manner.

Commitment to Non-Discrimination

The Johnson County Park and Recreation District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or  expression, religion, age or disability status in employment or the provision of programs and services.

Our Mission

To enrich our community through excellence in parks, recreation, culture, education, and public service.

Our Vision

Pursuing innovation and stewardship to sustain and enrich a thriving park and recreation system that inspires play, culture, and education, leading to healthy and fulfilling lives for all.