Out of School Time (OST)


Adventure awaits your child at JCPRD Out-of-School-Time (OST) programs! JCPRD challenges our next generation with fun and stimulating enrichment opportunities. Multi-talented and well-educated staff facilitate opportunities to explore:

  • Creativity
  • Environmental literacy
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)

A multi-age group setting and opportunities for Social and Emotional Learning are also included.  JCPRD-OST programs are instrumental in building important life skills of problem-solving, self-confidence, teamwork, mentoring and goal-setting. Program hours are ideal for stay at home and working parents. Camps are available during Winter and Spring Breaks. Give your child an edge – join us before and after school, and see how they shine!

Activities & Benefits

Johnson County Park and Recreation District is committed to providing families with quality OST programs at an affordable cost. Our staff is dedicated to providing children with what they need: a safe, enriching, fun place to be. 

Each program site values the unique nature of children by offering a variety of group and self-selected activities. Choices offered include physical activities, games, and social time as well as creative arts and quiet time for homework, reading, or relaxing. Programs also seek to include special projects, field trips, parties, and other activities based upon the interests of the children enrolled. 

Our unique multi-age group setting allows children to experience opportunities in both peer mentoring and modeling. Children are encouraged to be responsible decision makers who work well in communities. The availability of this program within your child’s school provides enhanced safety, convenience, and numerous opportunities to extend school day learning experiences.

Fully Licensed

Fully licensed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, our programs maintain a 1 to 15 staff to participant ratio. Our site program directors possess bachelor’s degrees from accredited colleges and universities. Their advanced education allows directors and their staff to plan a wide variety of interesting and age appropriate activities including science experiments, cooking, health, fitness, environmental education and recreation.


"My son really enjoys his time at the center. He loves the teachers and the activities during their day..." Angie

Future Registration Dates for 2022-2024

All registrations open at NOON on the registration date. (*with the exception of Outdoor Summer Camp at 6AM)

Fall 2022-2023 School Year OST Enrollment:

Gardner and De Soto: April 25

Olathe:  May 2

Shawnee Mission:  May 9

2022 Winter Break Camp Registration:

All Districts:  November 28 - December 9, 2022

2023 Outdoor Camp Registration:

All Districts:  TBD (late January)

2023 Spring Break Camp Registration:

All Districts:  February 13 - March 3

2023 Indoor Summer Camp Enrollment:

De Soto & Shawnee Mission: February 27

Olathe & Gardner: March 6

Fall 2023-2024 School Year OST Enrollment:

Olathe:  April 18* (this date has recently changed)

Gardner and De Soto: April 17

Shawnee Mission:  April 24

2023 Winter Break Camp Registration:

All Districts:  November 27 - December 8, 2023