Inside the Box: A 1951 Time Capsule

Inside the Box: A 1951 Time CapsuleIn May 1951, government officials from Johnson County placed a time capsule within the cornerstone of the new Johnson County Courthouse. Nearly seven decades later, during the demolition of the 1951 county courthouse, the time capsule was rediscovered, revealing a fully intact, handmade copper box. Inside this meticulously sealed container lay a treasure trove of documents, carefully selected, wrapped, and preserved by government officials, awaiting the eyes of future generations.

"Inside the Box: A 1951 Time Capsule" invites visitors to explore the contents that offer an insight into the minds of Johnson County and city officials from 1951. This exhibit provides a rare opportunity to connect with the past, uncovering the hopes, aspirations, and perspectives of the individuals who played a pivotal role in shaping the county's trajectory during a time of unprecedented growth and change.

Exhibit Dates: February 3 – May 4, 2024

Admission: Entrance to the special exhibit is included with regular admission to the Museum. Admission is $6 for adults; $5 seniors, students, and military; $4 for children; and free for museum members.

Thursday, March 7
6:00 PM

Step back in time with your Retro Housewife hostess, Miss Yvonne, as we explore clothing of the 1950s. From sweater sets to swing dresses, learn about what women wore in the home and at work.

$8 per person, members get 20% off. Pre-registration is encouraged.

Time Capsule Installed (Landscape)
“Inside the Box” Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Thursday, April 4
6:00 PM

Join our curators for a tour of our latest special exhibit "Inside the Box: A 1951 Time Capsule." Attendees will learn about the process of developing the exhibit, from the discovery of the time capsule to its installation in the gallery space. But the adventure doesn't stop there – participants will also enjoy a behind-the-scenes visit to our Collections storage space, where you can view items from the time capsule not on display.

$8 per person, members get 20% off. Space is limited and pre-registration is encouraged.