Adult Programs

Take advantage of our adult programs to connect with yourself and your neighbors!  Check our calendar often for a list of all the opportunities available just for you!

RPCC Open House Family

Adult Fitness and Health

Fitness Equipment Orientations (Ages 14 & Older, Ages 14-17 must be accompanied by Parent/Guardian)

Meet with a personal trainer who will demonstrate and walk you through safe and proper usage of weight training and cardio equipment in our fitness room. Must have valid day pass or membership to participate. Call 913-826-3160 to make your appointment. 

1 - 30 min. session- $20 / $22 nonresidents

34098     RPCC               1/2 - 4/30                         By appt.

Special Events (All Ages)

Family Fun: Bingo - Holiday B-I-N-G-HO-HO-HO (All ages)

Looking for a fun, family event? Let’s play everybody’s favorite game B-I-N-G-O with a holiday twist! We’ll be singing and laughing all the way! Pizza dinner served at 5:30 pm, bingo to follow.

1 - 1.5 hr. event - $12 / $13 nonresidents; per person

 20% discount on 3rd family member and any family member registered after that. 

32086     RPCC          12/15               Fri               5:30 pm

Family Fun: Bingo - Candy Bar Bingo (All Ages)

Get ready for a sweet and entertaining adventure with Candy Bar Bingo! This classic game of bingo is perfect for all ages, making it an ideal choice for family fun! So grab a seat, a bingo card, and let the family-friendly competition begin! Includes pizza and drinks! Cost of admission covers snacks and staff time to administer the bingo program. No additional charge for bingo.

1 - 2 hr. event - $12 / $13 nonresidents; per person. 20% discount after 3rd family member.

34090    RPCC          2/23               Fri               5:00 pm

Geocaching: Pot-O-Gold Hunt (All Ages)

Welcome to the exciting world of Geocaching! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling hunt for hidden treasures? Discover “Pot-O-Gold” caches, using a GPS device, just waiting to be found by lucky adventurers like you! Join in on the St. Patrick’s Day spirit and embrace the thrill of the hunt. Join us at Antioch Park, Shelter #2. 

1 - 1 hr. event - $8 /$9 nonresidents; per person collecting candy

34093     AP               3/15              Fri               1:00 pm    

34094     AP               3/15              Fri               2:00 pm

34095     AP               3/15              Fri               3:00 pm