Preschool Programs

Keep your preschooler active and engaged with a variety of programs planned at Roeland Park Community Center. From learning about new animals and listening to fun stories, to decorating tasty treats and playing sports, they are sure to have some fun, make new friends, and have grand stories of adventures to share!

Tarantula - Ernie Miller

Preschool Enrichment & Special Interests

Early Learning: Winter Wildlife (Ages 2-5 with Adult)

Discover how animals prepare for winter. Puppets help with understanding the mysteries of hibernation and migration. See a live mammal and toad and learn how animals survive the cold weather. Presented by Ernie Miller Nature Center.

1 - 30 min. class- $10 / $11 nonresidents

34125     RPCC          2/22               Thu              10:30 am

Early Learning: Spring Animals (Ages 2-5 with Adult)

Calling all preschoolers and nature enthusiasts! Get ready to meet some adorable and fascinating creatures as our presenter from Ernie Miller Nature Center shares interesting facts and an up-close look at some spring animals! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to introduce your little ones to the wonders of nature and the joy of learning!

1 - 30 min. class- $10 / $11 nonresidents

34126    RPCC          4/16               Tue               10:30 am

Preschool Fine & Performing Arts

Dance: Pre-Ballet - RPCC Spring Session 1

In this 45-minute Saturday Morning class at Roland Park Community Center, your child will be introduced to the fundamentals of ballet in a fun and supportive environment. Our experienced instructor will guide your child through age-appropriate ballet exercises and techniques, helping to improve their balance, coordination, and posture. We’ll use creative games and activities to keep your child engaged and excited about learning ballet, while also promoting their creativity and self-expression. This class is perfect for young children who are new to ballet or have limited experience. No prior dance experience is necessary – just come ready to move and have fun! Parents are welcome to observe or participate in the class alongside their child as needed. Ballet shoes and leotard are required.

All Performing Arts programs are subject to the Fine & Performing Arts refund policy found at:

In the event of inclement weather, program participants will be contacted via the email they registered with. Performing Arts program cancellations due to weather will also be announced via: JCPRD Performing Arts Classes Page: and The Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center Facebook page.

8 - 45 minute classes - $141 / $155 nonresidents

34103    RPCC          1/13                Sat                9:15 am

Preschool Sports

Martial Arts: Intro to MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (Ages 3-5)

Looking for a fantastic way to introduce your preschooler to the wonders of martial arts? Look no further! Our Preschool Martial Arts program is specifically designed to provide a perfect balance between fitness, self-defense, and fun for kids aged 3 to 5. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, your child will embark on an incredible journey filled with exciting movements, energizing exercises, and engaging activities. They will not only improve their flexibility and strength but also develop essential life skills such as focus, perseverance, and respect. Join us today, and witness firsthand the positive impact martial arts can have on your little one's overall growth and development.

4 - 30 min. sessions- $42 / $47 nonresidents

34112     RPCC          1/10             Wed               9:00 am

34113     RPCC          3/6               Wed               9:00 am

Multi-Sport: Amazing Athletes (Ages 3-5) 

Amazing Athletes uses a multi-sport program to introduce the fundamentals of ten different sports in a non-competitive environment. Children in Amazing Athletes routinely gain greater confidence, learn to combine fitness with fun, and develop six key motor skills. Equipment provided. Please wear closed-toe athletic shoes. Activity located in the Roeland Park Sports Dome.

5 - 45 min. sessions- $102 / $112 nonresidents

34105     RPCC          1/19               Fri               9:00 am

34108     RPCC          3/22               Fri               9:00 am

Special Events (Preschool)

Preschool: Winter Wonderland Party (Ages 2-5 with Adult)

NEW! Celebrate the wonder of winter with our Preschool Winter Wonderland Party! Your little snow enthusiasts will be beaming with delight during this party filled with cheerful music, snowy decorations and exciting activities tailored for preschoolers! Let the giggles and laughter fill the air as they meet new friends and enjoy the winter-themed treats we have in store!

1 - 1 hr. session - $9 / $10 nonresidents; per person

34122     RPCC         1/12               Fri               10:30 am

Preschool: Read Across America Party (Ages 2-5 with Adult)

NEW! Oh, you could not, would not, want to miss a celebration as fun as this! We’re having a party. It’s truer than true. We want to celebrate and party with you! Join us as we embark on an adventure through the magical world of Dr. Seuss, with engaging activities to ignite the love of books!

1 - 1 hr. session - $9 / $10 nonresidents; per person

34121     RPCC          3/1               Fri               10:30 am

Special Events (All Ages)

Family Fun: Bingo - Candy Bar Bingo (All Ages)

Get ready for a sweet and entertaining adventure with Candy Bar Bingo! This classic game of bingo is perfect for all ages, making it an ideal choice for family fun! So grab a seat, a bingo card, and let the family-friendly competition begin! Includes pizza and drinks! Cost of admission covers snacks and staff time to administer the bingo program. No additional charge for bingo.

1 - 2 hr. event - $12 / $13 nonresidents; per person. 20% discount after 3rd family member.

34090    RPCC          2/23               Fri               5:00 pm

Geocaching: Pot-O-Gold Hunt (All Ages)

Welcome to the exciting world of Geocaching! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling hunt for hidden treasures? Discover “Pot-O-Gold” caches, using a GPS device, just waiting to be found by lucky adventurers like you! Join in on the St. Patrick’s Day spirit and embrace the thrill of the hunt. Join us at Antioch Park, Shelter #2. 

1 - 1 hr. event - $8 /$9 nonresidents; per person collecting candy

34093     AP               3/15              Fri               1:00 pm    

34094     AP               3/15              Fri               2:00 pm

34095     AP               3/15              Fri               3:00 pm    

Games: Special Event - Grand Family Fun Event (Ages 5 & Older and 50 Plus)

NEW! There’s no better way to bond with your grandchild than an afternoon of fun-filled activities at our Grand Family Fun Event! Together you will craft your very own adorable plushy, creating a lovable companion that will forever remind them of the moments shared with you. The Zoo Factory kit will include a 16” stuffable animal, stuffing, wishing star and birth certificate. So, gather your grandkids, roll up your sleeves, and embark on a journey full of creativity and memorable experiences! Each child will take home one 16” stuffed animal with birth certificate. Light refreshments served.

1 - 1.5 hr. event - $20 child / $8 adult; $22 child / $9 adult nonresidents

34086     RPCC          4/12               Fri               1:30 pm