Special Programming

Redlining Fieldtrips


A Raisin in the Sun and the Legacy of Redlining

This one-of-a-kind experience takes students through the topic of redlining and housing inequity through an examination of literature, theater, history, and fine art. Students will engage in inquiry-based lessons that promotes critical thinking, discussion, and a deeper understanding of our community.

This inter-disciplinary field trip kit brings the topic of redlining into your classroom in a customizable format that includes physical and digital materials, guides, and standards to align with your curriculum.

Grade level: Middle or High School
Length: 2-week rental
Cost: $20

The kit includes supplies and digital resources for one class, or 25 students. For additional supplies, please contact us in advance to arrange. The kit must be picked up and dropped off at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center during regular business hours.

The kit includes: Printed student guides, Raisin in the Sun books, Filmed scenes from the play, Filmed tour of the Redlined exhibit, Primary Source packets & worksheets, Fine art supplies, Teacher guide. Reserve the Redlining Trunk HERE

We are able to offer this experience at a low cost thanks to the generous funding of Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area. 

Veterans Story Collecting Project

Veterans Story Collecting Project ImageStarting with it's 2019 iteration, the Veteran Story Collecting Project, aims to capture the voices and stories of the KC Metro area veteran population. 

The Veterans Story Collecting Project is a collaboration between The Fine and Performing Arts Department of the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center, The Arts Council of Johnson County, Midwest Trust Center at JCCC and NYU Steinhardt’s Verbatim Performance Lab (VPL). The project aims to capture the experiences of veterans during their time of military service and their return to civilian life. Through collecting, performing, and witnessing the stories of veterans, we hope that actors and audiences can gain a deeper understanding of veterans and their experiences.

Teaching Artists trained in a specific protocol developed by VPL interviewed veterans about their experiences. A short section of a participant’s interview was then selected and transcribed to create a 2-3 minute portrait. Using the transcript, the original interview recording, and fieldnotes,  the interviewer then created a verbatim performance (word for word and gesture for gesture) of the interview excerpt. Please note that in this style of verbatim performance participants are often portrayed by actors of other races, ethnicities, gender identities, ages, abilities, or orientations. 

To view these portraits click HERE

For Educators: Want lesson plans and activities inspired these portraits? Click HERE for educational content geared towards grades 7th and up.