Place of Peace, 2023

Place of Peace, April 21st-August 19th

Place of Peace Exhibit Graphic- peace sign with flowers

The arts can help veterans find support and community, process trauma, and combat challenges such as PTS and depression. The mission of our collaborative veteran arts programming is to provide a creative outlet for veterans and community members to interact with and understand each other’s experiences; serving as an opportunity to help veterans transition to civilian life but also as a chance for participants to learn from each other, regardless of their veteran or military status, build communication and dismantle per-conceived notions and stereotypes.

 Finding a Place of Peace - be it a spiritual center, a garden, painting, theatre performance, or spending time with friends and family - is absolutely essential. It is critical in preventing a negative outcome. Let this exhibition help you find your place of peace and aid in the broader understanding of how we, as a community, can best help those who have served to protect us.