Friends of the Johnson County Museum

The Johnson County Museum was started by volunteer community members 55 years ago, and ever since we have benefitted from the robust support of our volunteer partners. The Friends of the Johnson County Museum actively work with The Parks & Recreation Foundation of Johnson County to secure the necessary resources to provide the highest quality museum experiences.

The Friends serve vital roles of fundraising, programming, promoting, and contributing to the strategic planning for the Johnson County Museum. We meet the fourth Thursday of even months from 4:30-6:00pm. Our committees include the executive committee, development committee, and special events committee. Task forces may also be formed. 

In the coming years, we are most excited to focus our efforts on continuing strategic initiatives to support KidScape, scholarships, and more for young children and students. We are also excited to expand with member offerings for young professionals and those who are excited by midcentury modern and other themes explored in the museum. We hope to create unique experiences that will drive membership and elevate the museum even more in the community.

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Friends Projects

IMG_4490The Friends of the Johnson County Museum supported the first major update to the KidScape play area since the Museum re-opened in the Arts & Heritage Center.

The Trolley is a unique addition to KidScape, the Museum's fully-immersive, interactive history experience where kids have fun travelling through time to different periods and communities from the region's past. The design is based on the first car on the historic Strang Line, a commuter railroad that ran between Johnson County and Kansas City. 

The Friends are thrilled to honor this important part of Johnson County's history, and we can't wait to see how our young museum guests enjoy their imaginative playtime selling tickets, loading up luggage, driving the trolley and more!