Teaching Artist Showcase

October 7th, 2022 - January 7th, 2023

Teaching Artist Showcase
Teaching Artist Showcase

The JoCo Arts and Heritage Center is privileged to have a group of amazingly talented artists that comprise our Fine Arts teaching artist staff. From ceramics and acrylic painting to homeschool arts and sewing, our Fine Arts teaching artists show a love for both arts and arts education that shines through in their teaching. This exhibit showcases and celebrates our teaching artists and their personal art practices.

  • Artists: 
    Allison Bowman, Teaches Acrylic Painting
    Marci Wagner-Heaton
    , Teaches Homeschool Art Adventures, Watercolor, Drawing, Bookbinding, Summer Art Camps 
    Brook Griffin
    , Teaches adult Ceramics series
    Chelsea Smith
    , Teaches Ceramic Date Night, Homeschool Clay Creations, Clay Creations and Girl Scouts programs 
    Amber Kovak
    , Teaches Ceramics, Homeschool Making & Engineering, 50+ programming, Girl Scouts programs 
    Amanda Clark
    , Teaches Ceramics, Fiber Arts and Drawing

Teaching Artists Exhibit- Theater Wall 3

Teal wall with three wooden sculptures hanging and two display cases with ceramic sculptures

White wall with 5 watercolors of plants and 3 oil paintings

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