Security Awareness

JCPRD is committed to our patrons and guests in helping to maintain security for your digital footprint as well as your footprints across our parks and facilities. The resources below can help you better understand how to keep yourself safe from cyber attacks. Please note: we are sharing these resources but are not affiliated with the following programs.

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The National Cybersecurity Alliance is a non-profit organization on a mission to create a more secure, interconnected world.

  • Advocate for the safe use of all technology and educate everyone on how best to protect ourselves, our families, and our organizations from cybercrime.
  • Create strong partnerships between governments and organizations like Johnson County Park & Recreation District, to amplify our message and to foster a greater “digital” good.

Data Privacy Week Resources


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Anyone Can Become a Victim of Internet Crime.

Take action for yourself and others by reporting it. Reporting internet crimes can help bring criminals to justice and make the internet a safer place for us all

If you believe you may be a victim of a cyber crime or scam, follow these steps to report and recover - 

1.    Recognize common signs of a scam or compromise, and know the warning signs 

2.    Take Immediate Action 

3.    Report to local enforcement and to the FBI 


If you need Cybercrime help, Fight is a great starting point to provide a little information about what happened, and their website will guide you to the appropriate resources with action steps and information needed to report

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Consumer Advice and Scam Alerts

Learn about the latest scams, and get advice to help you avoid, report, and recover from them.

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Report Cyber Crimes

Report to Local Enforcement -Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

If your identity information has been compromised or stolen, contact the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and obtain a report number related to your identity theft case. You can download an information packet with steps to.

    Take action to correct your credit 

    Help ensure that you are not responsible for the debts incurred by the identity thief. 

In addition, this packet includes information that will allow you to 

    Obtain financial records related to the fraudulent accounts and 

    Provide those records to law enforcement 

Report to FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3 )

The Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, is the Nation’s central hub for reporting cyber crime. It is run by the FBI, the lead federal agency for investigating cyber crime. 

Visit the IC3 Website 

You can take two vital steps to protecting cyberspace and your own online security.

1.    If you believe you have fallen victim to cyber crime, file a complaint or report. Your information is invaluable to helping the FBI and its partners bring cybercriminals to justice.

2.    Get educated about the latest and most harmful cyber threats and scams. By doing so, you will be better able to protect yourself, your family, and your place of work.

Visit the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) to get started.