Head & Heart, Zac Bendrick

April 1 - May 14, 2022

Head and Heart Social Graphic

What makes a face?

Is it the ears, the eyes, or perhaps the nose?

A face is the most animated part of a person, and we look at them everyday. These paintings on canvas aim to challenge the viewer on what we consider a face. This collection of work has been growing over the last two years, and each of the paintings capture a different time and emotion that was felt when creating them. They are an experiment of color and composition, fueled by the fun of exploring new combinations.

A passion for abstract and the human figure emerges through the medley of brushstrokes and large figurative works on canvas. Eyes, noses and ears present themselves across the artwork, each as a unique entry point to viewing the art.

What do you see?

Join us for our current art exhibit Head and Heart, a solo exhibition by Zac Bendrick. See more of Zac's artwork here


Close Up Blue Wall