May - August 2017

The “King Louie” building of North Overland Park, with its notable architecture, sat in darkness after closing its doors to the public for many years, until it was purchased by Johnson County and ultimately led to the Johnson County Park and Recreation District as future management of an Arts & Heritage Center.  With cultural and creative arts at its forefront, the old “King Louie” building will see new, and enlightened days.  Not only is this building coming to light again through its repair and modernized renovation, but each person who steps through the doors of the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center will leave a better person.   Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the history of their locality, to watch renowned productions, to view inspirational artwork, and to create their own.  It is with the illumination of self that a new sense of community, a sense of global and diverse community, will reignite the people of Johnson County to be something more.

"Valcaniche"- Justin Border


"Flint Hills Stream"- Gil Rumsey

Flint Hills Stream

"Comets:- Catherine Kirkland


"Coconut Crab and the Digital Witch"- Christopher Beer and Natalie Myers


"As the Water Falls"- Kim Ward

4. As the Water Falls