What's The Point?: Catherine Kirkland

May 6 - August 26, 2018

In this solo exhibit, Catherine Kirkland answers the question, “What’s the Point?” visually, through her brightly colored, pointillist paintings. In brief, pointillism is the creation of a visual effect through the application of spots of color that blend in the viewer’s eyes, which then appear to the viewer as luminous, brilliant colors and shapes. 

Ms. Kirkland demonstrates her unique take on this neo-impressionist, labor-intensive painting technique in her latest works. 

Ms. Kirkland’s influences include: Vance Kirkland, world-renowned 20th century pointillist painter from Denver; David S. Parker, a contemporary painter also from Denver; as well as 19th century pointillist painters Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Signac.



"The Force"

Kirkland- The Force


Kirkland- Cosmos

"Channeling Vance"

Kirkland- Channeling Vance