Art and Natural Resources Residency

2023 Selected Artists

A call for local artists occurred in November 2022, and upon review by an art selection committee made up of artists and community members, artist duo Cydney Ross and Alix Daniel were selected to occupy the residency and was approved by the JCPRD Public Art committee.

  • Cydney Ross (she/her) was raised throughout the Greater Kansas City area, and has set down roots in Kansas City, Missouri with cat, Max. She earned a BFA in ceramics from Kansas City Art Institute in 2013 and maintains a fine arts practice in ceramics and mixed media in the Crossroads Arts District. Cydney has always had a naturalist spirit, with her earliest memories hiking, floating Missouri rivers, camping with her family, and gardening with her mom. Her endless curiosity, stewardship for the earth, and background in the arts encourages her to enthusiastically inspire folks to connect with nature. She proudly leads LGBTQ+ inclusive nature programs throughout the Kansas City area and is a self-proclaimed “native plant nerd.” Cydney is a native landscape specialist at the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center in Kansas City, a Certified Interpretive Guide, and a Missouri Master Naturalist with the Osage Trails Chapter.
  • Alix Daniel (she/her) grew up on the tallgrass prairies of Kansas in a family of gardeners and teachers. She loves sharing her knowledge of native plants with the public in her role as Native Landscape Specialist at the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center in Kansas City. In her position she combines her decade of landscaping experience with her love of nature. Her favorite flower (this year) is spider lily (Hymenocallis virginiana).

Alix and Cydney at CampfirePictured: Alix Daniel and Cydney Ross

Kill Creek Prairie Burning 1 Opens in new windowProject Overview

The Art and Natural Resources Residency is a short-term residency program to engage a local artist and allow them to embed with the JCPRD Natural Resource team to learn, respond artistically, and amplify the important work of land restoration -- specifically, prairie restoration efforts throughout JCPRD.

The residency will begin in late February and continue through late summer and will include an immersive experience with the JCPRD Natural Resources team, the creation of an ephemeral temporary art piece that will be placed at a site within Kill Creek Park, and an artist-led community engagement project. A companion exhibit will also exist at the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center to allow patrons to learn about the residency through this medium.

The goals for the Art and Natural Resources Residency are to:

  • Create interactive, artistic experiences that allow park visitors to learn about the land restoration and the ecology and natural systems that make up the JCPRD parks. Specifically, this ANRR will focus on the health of prairie restoration efforts within JCPRD and specifically at Kill Creek Park.
  • Provide a platform for artists to create new, engaging art projects that grow out of an exploration of the work of the JCPRD Natural Resources team, the process of land restoration, and the ecology and natural systems of JCPRD parks.
  • Increase community engagement, awareness, and appreciation related to the JCPRD Natural Resource Plan and the efforts and impact that staff have on the health of the natural ecosystem.
  • Support the growth and development of Kansas City regional artists.

Educational Resources

The Art and Natural Resources Residency Art Selection Committee includes:

  • Kaitlyn Ammerlaan, Grassland Heritage Foundation
  • Ryan Bell, JCPRD Fine Arts Coordinator
  • Monte Fiegel, JCPRD NW Region Park Manager
  • Matt Garrett, JCPRD Natural Resource Manager
  • Brett Hager, JCPRD Planning and Development Project Manager II
  • Susan Mong, JCPRD Superintendent of Culture

2023 ANRR ASC PhotoPictured: Susan Mong, Kaitlyn Ammerlaan, Brett Hager, Ryan Bell, Monte Fiegel, Matt Garrett

Tentative TimelineKill Creek Prairie Burning 1

November 16, 2022

Issue Call for Artists

December 6, 2022

Virtual Open House / Informational Session

December 15, 2022

Artist Qualifications Due

December 20, 2022

ASC Selects Finalists

December 27 – January 6, 2023

Finalist Interviews with ASC / Select Artist for Residency

February 27 – March 24, 2023

On-Site Residency with JCPRD Staff
 * Mid-March: Proposal Presentation

Late March / Early April 2023

Fabrication of Temporary Art Piece
 Content Gathering for Educational Exhibit

Week of May 1, 2023

Installation of Temporary Art Piece

Week of May 8, 2023

Printing/Installation of Educational Exhibit (by JCPRD)

May / June 2023

Community Engagement Activity

TBD - Late 2023


Looking for information about the 2022 Art and Natural Resources Residency? Click here!A Seat at the Table art installation at SMP Opens in new window

A Seat at the Table by Kirsten Taylor


JCPRD's Public Art Vision Statement

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The Parks and Recreation Foundation of Johnson County plays a crucial role in the fulfillment of JCPRD’s Public Art Program through the procurement of grants and donations. The foundation continues to seek support for future projects through corporate and private funders. Those interested in becoming involved with public art initiatives are encouraged to contact Susan Mong, Superintendent of Culture, at 913-715-2573 or [email protected].

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