JCDS Emerging Artists Showcase

October 13, 2021- November 29, 2021

JCDS Emerging Artists LogoThe JCDS Emerging Artists is a program under Johnson County Developmental Supports (JCDS). It consists of adult artists with IDD who are passionate and driven to create artwork. The artist’s work in studio located in a public venue at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center.

The Emerging Artists are in varying stages of the artistic development and most have been creating artwork as soon as they could hold a pencil.

Besides making money in an industry not typically open for people with IDD, many artists have had the door opened to equal citizenship, personal growth, communication, self-expression, self-advocacy, and self-esteem from the art program. The artists get seen as adult artists not as their disability.

Emerging Artists Showcase 3

"Untitled"- Katie Zemel

JCDS Emerging Artists Showcase6

"Interior"- Brad Freeman

JCDS Emerging Artists Showcase5

"Lily Pads"- George Utter

JCDS Emerging Artists Showcase1

All artwork on exhibit is on sale, as well as many other pieces you can find online HERE   Version OptionsArt and Version OptionsArt Exhibits and at the JCDS Emerging Artists Studio in the Arts & Heritage Center.