Meadowbrook Park Public Art Project

Seeking Community Input
October 11 - 22, 2021

Earlier this year, Johnson County Park and Recreation District released a nation-wide call to artists and received 146 applications. An Art Selection Committee made up of artists and community members selected three artists to develop a design for an iconic public artwork at Meadowbrook Park. This inaugural public art project will be a large scale, permanent piece that helps to celebrate place, cultivate community, and support creativity. The Art Selection Committee will be making a final recommendation for one artist later this month.


We asked the artists to consider the following when designing their proposed art piece:

  • Support the overarching goals for the public art program by creating an artwork that inspires a deeper connection to place and creates an interactive, immersive, and inclusive experience.
  • Complement the park design and relate to the ecology, history, or culture of the park or surrounding community.
  • Contribute to the overall identity of Meadowbrook Park as a place to experience art, play, and nature.
  • Complement park uses and not impede on the use of open space.
  • Appeal to a broad audience of users, including people of all ages, through a work that is accessible and inviting.
  • Work at a human scale – appeal to people who are on-foot in the park

And now, we would like to hear from YOU. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with these three art designs (found below), and provide your input before the art selection committee makes their final selection at the end of October. All comments will be submitted in summary form to committee members and all identifiable information will remain private.

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Timeline for the Project:

  • October: Designs proposed for consideration, community feedback solicited, Art Selection Committee proposes one artist. 
  • November: The JCPRD Public Art Committee votes on this proposal and requests formal approval from JCPRD Board. 
  • 1st Quarter 2022: Design documents finalized and fabrication of the public art 
  • 2nd Quarter 2022: Installation of Public Art and Community Engagement 

We encourage you to learn more about the JCPRD Public Art Program and Master Plan HERETimeline for the Project:Version OptionsMeadowbrook Park Public Art Project.

Thank you for your time!

Color Lines

Inspiring art coming soon!