50 Plus Superstars

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Actively participate in Johnson County Park and Recreation District’s (JCPRD) 50 Plus Departments 50th Anniversary celebration by completing 50 Things with 50 Plus.  Pick from a long list of things to do that promote engagement through physical, social, mindful, nature oriented, forward thinking and even some passive activities.  

It’s all about making time to take care of yourself and having some fun too.  All those that participate and submit a completed “50 Things with 50 Plus” checklist will receive a 50 Plus Superstar button and be entered into a gift card drawing to be held in December of 2021, giving everyone plenty of time to join in.

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How To Participate: 

1. Download and print the “50 Things for 50 Plus” list HERE.  Or pick one up in person at the following locations:

Antioch Park, 6501 Antioch, Merriam

50 Plus Office at the Matt Ross Community Center, 8101 Marty, Overland Park

Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse, 9101 Nall, Prairie Village

Roeland Park Community Center, 4850 Rosewood, Roeland Park  

2. Use the tracking sheet to record the item you’ve completed from the list along with something positive you gained from the activity. Once you’ve filled in all 50 lines, return the completed list with your name, email, and phone number to our office via email, postal mail or in person to any of the locations listed above by December 1, 2021.  Email LISA with any questions or for more assistance. 

50 Things to do with 50 Plus checklist:

1. Tell a 50 Plus staff member a story about your past.

2. Try a new hobby or activity with JCPRD.

3.  Tell a 50 Plus staff member something you've learned in one of their programs.

4.  Post on the 50 Plus Facebook page your favorite gadget from the 1980's.

5.  Tell a 50 Plus staff member a fitness trend you would like to see come back.

6.  Share a picture of you wearing the travel t-shirt on an extended trip.

7.  Attend one of the 50 Plus travel shows.

8.  “Show and Tell" us  your favorite souvenir from a trip.

9.  Did you know we have a JCPRD mascot? Guess his name and species, and tell a staff member your guess!

10.  Visit Antioch Park's Rose Garden in the spring/summer.

11.  Watch or play a game of Pickleball. 

12. Visit Meadowbrook Park's new, free outdoor fitness area.

13. What was your favorite theme we've had at our bingos?

14. Attend a Bingo program at New Century Fieldhouse .

15. Attend a Virtual Fitness class.

16. Attend a on-site Fitness class.

17. Give a staff member an elbow bump.

18. Stop by a 50 Plus office just to say "Hi".

19. Call a 50 Plus office just to say "Hi".

20.  Share a picture of you wearing a JCPRD Regional Pickleball shirt.

21.  Donate to the JCPRD Foundation.

22. Stop by one of our offices and pick up a trail guide for Johnson County trails .

23.  Share a photo of yourself at one of our programs from the past.     (80's 90's).

24.  Attend a Technology class.

25.  What has been your favorite BINGO prize?

26.  Share a picture of yourself from the 80's or 90's.

27.  Share a picture of yourself walking on one of the trails in one of our beautiful parks.

28. Tell us the most amazing thing you have done with JCPRD 50 Plus?

29. Enjoy your favorite movie at home. Don't forget the popcorn!

30.  Best animal encounter during a hike, trip or a walk in the park. 

31.  Share with a staff member one of the best memories you have had with JCPRD 50 Plus.

32.  Call a friend that you have been meaning to reach out to.

33. Attend a virtual chair yoga class (try your first one for free!)

34.  Attend an outdoor fitness class at Meadowbrook Park.

35.  Attend a virtual lunch and learn.

36. Tell a family member or friend about a program you attended.

37. Comment on a 50 Plus Facebook page post.

38.  Join a 50 Plus Wednesday Walk.

39.  Join a 50 Plus Adventure Walk.

40.  Tell a 50 Plus staff member your favorite thing about your house/apartment.

41.  Post your favorite travel destination with 50 Plus on our Facebook page.

42.  Join a Virtual Bingo.

43.  Bake something delicious, take a picture and post it on our 50 Plus Facebook page.

44.  Take a day trip and send 50 Plus a postcard from your destination.

45. Tell a teenager 3 things you wish someone told you about life .

46.  Recreate your 1970's, 80's, 90's look and snap a photo, share with staff!

47. Download a new book from the Jo Co Library (or learn how to access the Library's online services).

48. Make a list of (5) things you are grateful for.

49. Put together a care package and send it to someone.

50.  Meet a friend at a park to walk or just catch up.

51.  Visit a 50 Plus Program location you've never been to before.

52.  Listen to old music and tell us your favorite song as a teenager.

53.  Try an online meditation class.

54.  Try a new recipe (check out JoCo Eats online).

55.  Start a summer container garden with herbs or vegetables.

56.  Make a list of (5) things you've always wanted to know more about, and start learning!

57.  Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit.

58.  Find something to make you laugh everyday (i.e. silly cat videos).

59.  Change the batteries in you smoke & carbon monoxide detectors during daylight savings time.

60.  Identify a few things in your home to make it more age friendly.

61.  Watch a lake sunset at Shawnee Mission Park, Lexington Lake Park, or Kill Creek Park.

62.  Visit the new observation tower at Kill Creek Park.

63.  Finish a puzzle with 250 pieces or more, take a picture and show us!

64.  Visit the Johnson County  Museum at the Arts & Heritage Center.

65. “Like” the 50 Plus Facebook Page. 

66. Post to the 50 Plus Facebook Page.

67. "Share" content from the 50 Plus Facebook page.

68.  Sign up for Explore 50 Plus eNewsletter. 

69.  Tell us about your current or past pets.

70. Tell us how you learn about our 50 Plus programs.

71. Save your family photos for years to come by digitizing them.

72.  Make a vision board.

73. Attend a virtual program with your video ON!

74. Guess how long a 50 Plus department member has worked for JCPRD.

75. Wildlife watch in your backyard (Birds, Squirrels, Racoons, OH MY).

76. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Try a new route if you walk often!