We are thrilled to reach out to you today to let you knowthat we fully anticipate our Outdoor Camps opening on time!  So much has changed since you registered - wewant to give you a brief overview of a few of those changes:

·        Most camp capacities have been reduced in size, andwill increase as our community successfully manages each phases ofreopening.  

·        Stoll Park may be utilizing an additional parkshelter, which may alter your drop off/pick up location.  

·        Children will remain in the same groups withsame staff each day whenever possible.

·        Swimming and other Field Trips have beencancelled, at least initially.  Somepools will not be opening at all, and others may be opening late.  Other field trips remain a concern due tosocial distancing, both at the field trip destination and duringtransport.  Bussing will still be usedfor transportation to inclement weather locations, and on-site activities andentertainment will keep your children busy all summer.  

·        Staff will be encouraged to wear masks whenparticipating in group activities with children where they are in closeproximity.  Masks may not be worn whenparticipating in more physical activities in the heat where it could limit thestaff member’s ability to breath freely or otherwise affect their health.

·        Parents will be asked to check in and out at alocation that is distanced from the camp (i.e. parking lot).  A staff member will meet you each morning todo a brief wellness check with your child (including a temperature check)before you leave.  We will be restrictingnon-essential visitors to the camps & shelters and maintaining a log ofanyone who enters the camp.  

·        Staff will encourage frequent and proper handwashingand will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.

We hope that this information is helpful as youmove closer to summer with your families. We recognize that these new protocols may affect your decision to sendyour child to camp, and we will issue refunds without penalty from now throughMay 15th to those that choose to cancel theirenrollment.  We hope to see you and yourchild this summer and look forward to a good old fashioned summer campexperience!  If you have additional questions, please respond to the email you received earlier today and a Program Specialist will get back with you.