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We strive to offer dynamic, engaging and quality programming for the disciplines associated with Fine & Performing Arts where the experience of the participant is paramount. The Johnson County Museum and Kidscape are housed in the same building as the Arts & Heritage Center. Troops are encouraged to make a day out of their outing here!

To book a Performing Arts Scout program contact Performing Arts Coordinator, Elena Stephenson.
To book a Fine Arts Scout program contact Fine Arts Coordinator, Ryan Bell.

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Performing Arts Scouts Programs

Be a Good Neighbor: Creative Drama Workshop    


Hop along with us as we use creative drama, storytelling, music, and movement to explore the themes and dynamic characters that are present in the PBS hit show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood©. By exploring these themes and characters we will also earn Daisy Petals such as Making the World a Better Place, Using Resources Wisely, Being Honest and Fair, and Being Responsible for What We Say and Do! Come be a good neighbor with us!

Badge Connections: Daisy Petal: Sunny: Friendly and Helpful, Daisy Petal: Rosie:  Make the World a Better Place, Daisy Petal: Clover: Use Resources Wisely, Daisy Petal: Lupe: Honest and Fair, Daisy Petal: Mari: Responsible for What I Say and Do

Outcomes: Develops a strong sense of self, Displays positive values
Learn more about the 5 Girl Scout Outcomes.

PA Scouts

Performing Art Workshops

  All Levels

Enjoy a carefully curated performing arts opportunity where your girl scouts can explore their performer side! Work with a Performing Arts Coordinator to plan a workshop(s) to fulfill requirements for performing arts-related badges. We can dance, we can act, we can sing,  write plays, as well develop social emotional skill sets, while making memories and lasting friendships.. Girls can complete steps in the following petals, badges, and journeys.

Daisy Petals & Badges:

  • Creative Play/Storytime
  • Performance / Storytelling
  • Daisy Story Petals

Junior Badges:

  • Social Butterfly
  • Playing the Past
  • Musician
  • Jeweler
  • Scribe/Storytelling/Playwriting


  • Daisy: It’s Your Story Tell It!
  • Brownie Journey: A World of Girls (Fine Arts Content, for Performing Arts – see Performing Arts activity)
  • Junior Journey: aMUSE
  • Senior Journey: MISSION: SISTERHOOD!

Brownie Badges:

  • My Family Story
  • Fair Play
  • Dancer
  • Making Games
  • Making Friends
  • Senses

Cadette Badges:

  • Public Speaker
  • Screenwriter
  • Finding Common Ground

Senior Badges:

  • Troupe Performer/Improv
  • Novelist/Playwriting

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Fine Arts Scouts Programs

Create a one-of-a-kind you-schedule-it fine arts event to explore your creative side! Work with Fine Arts Coordinator to plan a workshop(s) to fulfill requirements for arts-related badges or to bond with your troop. We can do painting, ceramics, mixed media, among other art forms as well as specialty events including bridging ceremonies and outdoor art. Girls can complete steps in the following petals, badges, and journeys:

 All Levels

Daisy Petals & Badges:

  • Outdoor Art Maker

Junior Badges:

  • Drawing
  • Jeweler
  • Outdoor Art Explorer

Ambassador Badges:

  • Outdoor Art Master

Brownie Badges:

  • Outdoor Art Creator
  • Painting
  • Potter

Cadette Badges:

  • Book Artist
  • Comic Artist
  • Outdoor Art Apprentice

Senior Badges:

  • Collage Artist
  • Outdoor Art Expert
  • Textile Artist
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