Kindness Rock Garden


"One message for just the right moment can change your whole day" - The Kindness Rocks Project™

In your walks around town, and cities across the United States, you may have had a smile brought to your face a time or two when stumbling across a small painted rock, a bright light in the middle of normalcy. The simple gesture of leaving a rock for someone to find or finding one yourself can instantly turn your day around or make your already bright day, brighter. 

Join us as we plant the seeds for a full-fledged rock garden inspired by The Kindness Rocks Project™ whose mission is in-line with our own, "our purpose is simple, to cultivate connections within communities and lift others up through simple acts of kindness". Feel free to take one or two if you feel inspired to do so, and help us water this garden through kindness and compassion by adding rocks of your own!

Special thank you to our partners: Shannon Levin and the Overland Park Painted Rocks group!

Stay Tuned - Workshops Coming Soon!

Interested in hosting a painted rock group workshop? Contact Devin Graham to get yours scheduled today!

Step-by-Step Guide to Painted Rocks

Gather rockLittle Girl Placing Rocks in Rock Gardens from your own backyard or pick them up at your local lawn and garden shop; be sure to find smooth, flat rocks! (Or a special shape!)

Using acrylic paints, paint pens, or even sharpies, you can design your rock to your liking!

But don't forget, you will need to seal your rock after it has dried completely (24-48 hours). This seal will allow your rock to remain outdoors through many seasons. Paint pens will need to be sealed using a Mod Podge spray or Krylon first, then all rocks should be sealed with a Duraclear or varnish coating to withstand the elements.


The Lorax Painted Rock

Stay Hopeful Painted Rock

Stay Hopeful, Shannon Levin, 2020, Acrylic on Rock

 The Lorax, Shannon Levin, 2020, Acrylic on Rock