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Our facilities may be closed but that won’t stop JCPRD from helping your kids stay active. Check out our free activities and get your kids moving!

Gymnastics Videos

Check out our gymnastics tutorial videos right from your computer or mobile device!

TEASER: Gymnastics Straddle Jumps


Check Out these Kids Obstacle Courses from JCPRD!

Workout Card Template - Obstacle Course 1
Workout Card Template - Obstacle Course 2
Workout Card Template - Obstacle Course 3
Workout Card Template - Obstacle Course 5
Workout Card Template - Obstacle Course 4

Make a plan to stay on track. Visit the Move Your Way campaign at to set your own weekly goals, choose the activities you want to do, and get personalized tips to help you stay motivated.

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And Check Out these Other Great Kids Resources!

12345 FitTastic! from Children’s Mercy

Check out this great resource for healthy activities for your kids from our partners at Children’s Mercy. They understand it’s harder to stay active and get fresh air during these times, so they have compiled their best resources and ideas to keep your kids healthy and active, even at home. 

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Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga mindfulness and relaxation designed specifically for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world.

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