Personal Training

Personal Training & Small Group Training Packages

Training sessions are available at the Roeland Park Community Center and the Mill Creek Activity Center. If you would like to purchase a package, please call the specific site that you would like to use and our Registration Team at that site can get your availability so one of our certified Trainer's can contact  you directly to schedule the session. 

Equipment Orientation:     
 One 30 min. session$15 res$17 non-res 

 Small Group Training:     

 30 min. sessions2 to 3 people$135 res$149 non-res
  Six 30 min. sessions 2 to 3 people$270 res$297 non-res

 60 min. sessions
 2 to 3 people
$255 res
$281 non-res

 60 min. sessions
 2 to 3 people
$510 res
$561 non-res
 Personal Training:
 One60 min. session
$45 res
$50 non-res 
 Three60 min. session
$135 res$149 non-res 
 Six60 min. session
$270 res$297 non-res 
 One30 min. sessions
$25 res$28 non-res 
 Three30 min. sessions
$75 res$83 non-res 
 Six30 min. sessions
$150 res$165 non-res