Pre-K Swim Lessons

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JCPRD is now offering swim lessons and aquatic programming at the Shawnee Mission School District Aquatic Center, located in the heart of Lenexa City Center. This state-of-the-art facility features a 50-meter competition pool.

Swim Lessons: Parent & Tot

(Ages 6 months to 2 1/2 years)

Participants are led through various class exercises, which focus on water adjustment, blowing bubbles, getting their face wet, basic fundamentals required for proper body alignment, kicking, and eventual submersion.

7 - 30 min. sessions - $52.50 / $57.75 nonresidents

28122SMSD Aquatic Center2/15Sat9:40 am
28123SMSD Aquatic Center2/15Sat11 am

8 - 30 min. sessions - $60 / $66 nonresidents

28124SMSD Aquatic Center1/6M.W5 pm
28125SMSD Aquatic Center1/6M.W6:20 pm
28126SMSD Aquatic Center2/10M.W5 pm
28127SMSD Aquatic Center2/10M.W6:20 pm
28128SMSD Aquatic Center3/9M.W5 pm
28129SMSD Aquatic Center3/9M.W6:20 pm
28353SMSD Aquatic Center4/13M.W5 pm
28354SMSD Aquatic Center4/13M.W6:20 pm

Swim Lessons: Aqua Tot

(Ages 2 1/2 - 5 years)

Explore basic skills including: water adjustment, blowing bubbles, getting face wet, kicking with flotation devices as well as independently, prone glide, back float, and introduction of crawl stroke.

7 - 30 min. sessions - $52.50 / $57.75 nonresidents

28355SMSD Aquatic Center2/15Sat9 am
28356SMSD Aquatic Center2/15Sat9:40 am
28357SMSD Aquatic Center2/15Sat10:20 am
28358SMSD Aquatic Center2/15Sat10:20 am
28359SMSD Aquatic Center2/15Sat11 am

8 - 30 min. sessions - $60 / $66 nonresidents

28360SMSD Aquatic Center1/6M.W5 pm
28361SMSD Aquatic Center1/6M.W5 pm
28362SMSD Aquatic Center1/6M.W5:40 pm
28363SMSD Aquatic Center1/6M.W5:40 pm
28634SMSD Aquatic Center1/6M.W6:20 pm
28365SMSD Aquatic Center2/10M.W5 pm
28366SMSD Aquatic Center2/10M.W5 pm
28367SMSD Aquatic Center2/10M.W5:40 pm
28368SMSD Aquatic Center2/10M.W5:40 pm
28369SMSD Aquatic Center2/10M.W6:20 pm
28370SMSD Aquatic Center3/9M.W5 pm
28371SMSD Aquatic Center3/9M.W5 pm
28372SMSD Aquatic Center3/9M.W5:40 pm
28373SMSD Aquatic Center3/9M.W5:40 pm
28374SMSD Aquatic Center3/9M.W6:20 pm
28375SMSD Aquatic Center4/13M.W5 pm
28376SMSD Aquatic Center4/13M.W5 pm
28377SMSD Aquatic Center4/13M.W5:40 pm
28378SMSD Aquatic Center4/13M.W5:40 pm
28379SMSD Aquatic Center4/13M.W6:20 pm